AFI’s World Rankings Creating a Stir

American Football International has compiled a world rankings list for national teams based on results that have come in over the past six months. It has garnered some attention of late and we have now revised it.

Naturally the United States is the number one team in the world with Canada second. After these last world championships Japan is now third and Mexico number four. Most of the rest are based on results from various championships and tournaments around the world.

With so many IFAF Europe qualifying games going on right now, this list may change some. We have now added Slovakia and rearranged the rankings to reflect some of the games played recently. We know we are missing some so please let us know.

We welcome your comments.

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  • José Amado-Blanco

    Switzerland just had an easy win against The Netherlands and Israel has not proven much…. Switzerland should be up two.

  • Nexx

    No way Brazil should be that high up. Just because they played in the world cup, since there had to be one South American team, doesn’t show anything about their strength nor how they compare to a lot of European teams that are ranked below them. Australia’s position is also very doubtful.

  • macruic

    You can’t put teams on the ranking that have only played against each other (Turkey v Romania and Egypt v Morocco). It is not logical. How can you possibly put them on the ranking until they have some point of reference against an already-ranked team? You can’t.

    Also, has Portugal actually played an international match? If not, you can’t put teams on the ranking who haven’t played – ranking national teams has nothing to do with performance of club teams.

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