2021’s Early Favorites For The Super Bowl

It seems that 2020 has only just started, however sportsbooks are already looking ahead and predicting the final outcome of Super Bowl 55. Keen bettors and football fans alike haven’t been slow about making their own predictions about which teams are likely to be the overall winners. Right now, the Kansas City Chiefs appear to be one of the best bets.

Most people at the moment are focusing on Super Bowl 54’s possible outcome. However, those who prefer to plan ahead are already thinking about the Super Bowl futures odds that have been released already for 2021’s event. So, how are things shaping up already for next year’s Super Bowl?

The Kansas Chiefs In Top Place

The early odds that have already been released for 2021’s Super Bowl seem to show Kansas City Chiefs having the advantage. Having opened as +700 favorites, the Chiefs aren’t completely uncontested. There are two more teams that are close behind in the running. Baltimore and San Francisco both opened at +800. Nevertheless, the Chiefs have a thrilling 2020 schedule to look forward to, with road games at Buffalo, New Orleans and Baltimore as well as home games against the Patriots, Texans, and Falcons. Yet, the Baltimore Ravens are looking set to be major contenders, so there’s plenty to play for over the next year.

Ravens – Recovering From Divisional Playoff Loss

Ravens fans are no doubt tired of listening to all the talk about Super Bowl odds. Their team was tipped as the favorite in 2019 but instead of victory, they suffered a devastating loss during the divisional playoffs. However, despite last year’s setbacks for Baltimore, top sportsbooks aren’t overlooking the team’s chances for 2021. Currently, the Ravens have second-best odds to gain the top spot.  That’s a big advantage when you think that this time last year the Ravens entered the 2019 season with odds of just 32-1 to win. They are still going to have to pull out every stop though if they want to overtake the Chiefs and the daunting challenges posed by their quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

Tampa – Hosting Super Bowl 55

Super Bowl 55 is set to be held on Sunday 7th February 2021 in Tampa, Florida. It will be the fifth time that the Florida city has hosted the event, with the previous time being in 2009 when the Cardinals and Steelers faced each other.

One team that is likely to be worried and excited in equal measure about Tampa hosting the event is the Buffalo Bills. The team opened at +4000 for next year’s Super Bowl but they’ll never forget Scott Norwood’s “wide right” of 30 years ago right at the very same Tampa stadium. Could Buffalo take over the top spot in 2021 and reverse the four-game Super Bowl losing streak that began that day?

There’s everything to play for, and with lots of exciting events and games on the horizon over the 2020 season, it isn’t going to be too long before a clearer picture emerges of the true favorites for Super Bowl 55. Meanwhile, let’s put our focus back on 2020’s event and consider the odds predicted for Super Bowl LIV!

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