2022 NFL Preseason: Dates, details and more to look out for

By Noah Constantino

What is the NFL Preseason?

The NFL Preseason is a period before the Regular Season begins. During this time teams play exhibition games that do not count toward season standings. In the Preseason, teams take this time to evaluate players and sharpen up their edges before the Official NFL Season kicks off.

When does the NFL Preseason Start?

Every year the NFL starts with the Pro Football Hall of Fame Game held in Canton, Ohio. Kickoff for the 2022 NFL Preseason will be between the Jacksonville Jaguars and Las Vegas Raiders on Thursday, August 4 at 8 p.m. Eastern Time. While this is the first game of the NFL preseason, the rest of the NFL teams do not play their first games until August 11th the following week.

When does the NFL Preseason End?

The end of the 2022 NFL Preseason is on August 28th. The Regular Season will kick off with the Buffalo Bills and the Los Angeles Rams on September 8th.

 How many games does each team play?

Besides the Jaguars and Raiders who will play four games, every other team will participate in three exhibition games., amounting to 49 Preseason games in total. Check out the complete preseason schedule for each team by clicking this link.

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