247 Sports heading to Europe for major camp in Amsterdam

Over the past three years, Premier Players International and founder Brandon Collier, through camps, combines and tours, have identified and helped countless athletes from Europe find their way to major, Division I football schools in the United States.

The next camp stop for PPI is Amsterdam on Saturday, March 30, where Collier is teaming up with 247 Sports and their Director of Scouting, Barton Simmons, to kick off the season.

With camps held all over Europe including Germany, France, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, U.K, Netherlands, Belgium, and more, Collier and his crew have identified and personally aided 37  players in finding scholarships.  Athletes such as Julius Welschof from Germany (Michigan), Zavier Scott, also from Germany, (UConn), Joseph Darkwa, Germany (Penn State), Alexander Ehrensberger, Germany (Notre Dame), Lorenz Metz (Cincinnati), Anton Oscarsson, Sweden (Rutgers), Robin Jutwreten, Sweden ( Rutgers) as well as Luke Wentz, from Germany (the first European quarterback recruited) are some of the athletes who have benefited.

Barton Simmons

CBS 247 Sports is one of the world’s leading websites dedicated to covering not only sports but also college football and basketball players and, identifying potential college recruits.

According to Simmons, national director of scouting for 247Sports and college football writer for CBS Sports and a leading expert in the field of college recruiting, it should come as no surprise that there are so many elite athletes in Europe:

“It’s not hard to wrap your head around the fact that there are so many elite athletes being identified in Europe. I have watched the talent level in Europe catch traction among college coaches thanks in large part to Brandon, who I have known for the past two years.”

This will be Simmons first trip to Europe:

“I am really excited about this. Big schools are becoming more open minded about finding athletes wherever they are. Michigan was here last year and Penn State coaches are coming this year. “

According to Collier, the camp in Amsterdam will fill up quickly so athletes are urged to send an email to [email protected] without delay.

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