3 Keys to Russell Wilson’s Championship Mindset

What are your three keys that will make you more successful? Write them down. Put them to memory. When you can call upon them to filter whether a behavior is good or bad for you, your key’s will begin to unlock your greatest potentials.

All-Pro quarterback Russell Wilson can mentally go through his list and re-calibrate in a second. You need to be able to go through your checklist and, if needed, get back to that list in case you’ve drifted away. Keys to being successful in sports are just like the principles that guide your life. When you create systems for both, you’ll be to get back in sync when life knocks you off alignment.

Great Fundamentals

Every coach talks about them, drills them, makes you repeat them again and again. Those who listen and master them, become some of the greatest athletes on the planet. Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Tim Duncan and Kobe Bryant all have legendary tales told of their attention to detail and the basics. Fundamentals are the foundation on which greatness is built.

It’s no wonder as Wilson desired to be the one of the best (he’s currently the highest paid player in the NFL) he made this the first of his three keys to be the best he can be. As you think about your keys to success, what fundamentals do you need to give more attention to?

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Great Balance

The greatest champions work on both physical balance and mental balance. A neutral mind brings balance to the body. Training balance, both mental and physical, requires a steady mind and a steady body.

It is difficult to control your performance if you can’t control yourself. Balance is key to regain control when things become unbalanced. And, as an athlete, things will get you off balance. Balance is created within. Our core is a lever of balance to our physical abilities, and our mind a lever to our grit, fortitude and determination.

Cue in daily to work on how you can create better balance, both physically and mentally. Wilson’s drive to do so is what led him to hire Trevor Moawad. Moawad’s book, It Takes What It Takes, is where Russell shares these three keys. Seek others who can help you, as it will help you eliminate blind spots. Blind spots, like the human body, decrease our ability to balance.

Be Engaged

It’s difficult to be your best if your mind is somewhere you are not. The cliche of Be Where Your Feet Are, is repeated constantly because it is a constant challenge. For today’s athletes in a world of distractions, this is even a greater principle to align in your life. Being fully present leads to the greatest possibilities.

“It is when we engage in Deep Work, that we create our best work,” says Cal Newport in his book Deep Work.

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