3 NFL Stars Who Like To Gamble And What They Play

Being an NFL player must be tough. The intense action of the games doesn’t last for very long and in between, they have to keep themselves occupied. Gambling has always been a popular pastime for ballers, and these three football legends are the biggest gamblers in the sport.

The GOAT Likes To Gamble

Tom Brady is undoubtedly one of the all-time greats of the NFL. No matter how you feel about him or the teams he has played for, you cannot deny his talent or his impact on the modern game. He has been spotted playing in a few casinos across the country.

Tom plays at the best mobile casinos that offer live dealer games and classics like roulette and poker. He is a high-roller and a big spender, but he has the bankroll to back him up. His football playing career is winding down but he can count on endorsement revenue for decades to come.

The Sheriff Plays Tables

Peyton Manning is a living legend of the NFL. The quarterback won fans over from sea to shining sea with his performances in four Super Bowls, winning two of them. He and his younger brother Eli both enjoy taking a seat at the tables in Vegas, but Peyton tries to find a game wherever he goes. Known for bold plays and his disarming charm, Peyton Manning clears up on Texas Hold ‘Em tables across the country.

His playing stats on the football field have made him a giant in the game, and his poker stats are impressive too. Roulette is where his biggest win story comes from. He once charmed a roulette table full of players into betting on Red 18. The wheel spun around, the ball bounced, and the table went bananas. Red 18 landed. That may not feel quite as good as winning a Super Bowl, but it has to be close.

“Peyton Manning” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Jeffrey Beall

The Runningback Of Las Vegas

LaMont Jordan is a two-time Super Bowl winner, a two-time Pro Bowl winner, and has won the NFL rushing title twice. He has also spent a huge amount of time running between tables on the Las Vegas strip, and rushing casinos for big wins on cards and roulette. He has covered yards up and down the streets of Vegas as a casual gambler.

Jordan has begun a second career as a coach and helps aspiring players develop their game. His history as a winner on the field means that when he gives you advice, you listen. Developing the Super Bowl winners of tomorrow is a rewarding retirement for a player who was such a huge success during his career. He is paying it forward.

The biggest stakes for an NFL player can be found on the field of the Super Bowl. It is no surprise that all these players are Super Bowl winners. The closest they can get to the thrill of the game is playing cards at a poker table or spinning the roulette wheel, either in a casino or on a mobile gaming platform.

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