Finland’s Maple League Midsummer Rankings

Midsummer and mid-season has arrived in Finland! After half a season of games, here are the Finland’s Vaahteraliiga or Maple League Standings.

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 7.15.17 PM

As a impartial spectator, I don’t put too much stock into halfway standings. Therefore I will give you my rankings for the end of season standings, and of course my reasoning.

Here we go;

1. Helsinki Roosters Roosters p

It really is no surprise I have these guys ranked on top of the Maple league. The Roosters (4-0) are undefeated in the league and have dominated most of their competition using their backup players.

2. Seinäjoki Crocodiles Crocodiles p

Crocodiles are the closest thing to a threat for the Roosters. With Justin Sottilare slinging that ball around and the crocs putting up big points every week they always have a fighting chance in any game.

3. Turku Trojans Trojans p

I’ll be honest here, Turku is fighting for second place. After that devastatingloss to Seinäjoki, they have a tough climb to get into that second playoff spot for home field advantage.

4. Vaasa Royals Royals

I have yet to see a Royals game in person, but if there record of 2-2 is any indication, they have the best chance to slide into that 4th playoff spot.

5. Tampere Saints Saints

The talent is there, the coaching is there, but where are the wins? After finally getting a win Tuesday against the Butchers, I have faith that after the midsummer break the Saints will be the team everyone fears in the second half of Maple League play.

5a. Vantaa TAFT TAFT p

I know that these guys are 0-5, but after playing everyone except the saints, they have continually gotten better as the season goes. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them playing for a playoff spot in late August.

7. Porvoon Butchers Butchers p

Despite the win against TAFT in comeback fashion, I’m not sold on the Butchers as a team. Offensively they have no identity and their inconsistent play does more harm than good. Definitely too good a team to go down to division 1, but this is just a down year for these guys.

Perfect Pervis is a football enthusiast from Texas City, Texas. Perfect currently resides in Finland, playing & coaching American Football and writing a blog about the football culture in Europe.