4 best NFL games to try today

NFL is a sport that lends itself well to console gameplay. The strategic yet high octane plays and rosters of all-star players make an exciting proposition for gamers across the world. Not all NFL games are created equal, though, and there have been just as many flops as successes. Here’s a rundown of the best places to start.

#1 Madden NFL football

Madden NFL isn’t just the longest-running franchise on the list, but it’s consistently the best NFL series on the market. By offering a collection of fully licensed players, the games give you a more realistic taste of the NFL world. Better still, the gameplay is fast and fluid while retaining all the depth of a real-life match. Purists will love the attention to detail, but Madden remains highly accessible. You’ll be right at home here, even if you’ve never played an NFL game before. Madden is the biggest NFL gaming franchise in the world for a reason, and its sheer polish makes it easy to recommend.


A later addition to the list, this game was released on Xbox. As you might expect from a modern game, it comes with state-of-the-art graphics and an overhauled play call system. By adjusting calls, the game facilitates an especially tactical approach that feels truer to life than other systems. It also makes the game more fluid, so plays occur much more naturally. Couple that with the quality graphics, and you’ve got one of the most realistic NFL experiences ever produced. ESPN NFL 2K might even have challenged for the top spot were it not for licensing issues that saw famous players excluded from the final squad sheet. If you can put that aside and focus on experience alone, this is a high-class offering.

#3 Football Frenzy

Unlike the other additions to the list, Football Frenzy is an online pokie rather than a standalone console game. Don’t be put off. This is one of the best real money online pokies Australia has to offer with top-of-the-range visuals, sumptuously smooth reels, and fantastic NFL-themed bonus games. It’s these bonus rounds that set the pokie apart and why it will appeal to enthusiasts. Free kick and penalty games (not to mention stadium scatters and striker wilds) make for a compelling experience.

#4 NFL Blitz

The original and for many still the best, NFL Blitz is an arcade game and therefore lacks the graphical prowess and raw processing power of its later console rivals. Nonetheless, if you want to experience the frenetic chaos of an NFL play at its best, you can’t go wrong. NFL Blitz was wild in every sense of the word, from its cartoon-style graphics to its violent arcade tackles. The latter caused some issues and eventually saw the game being halted, but it’s still widely available on emulators and stands up surprisingly well. Just don’t go in expecting a faithful experience with deep tactics and realistic player designs.

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