5 Breakout Players in Europe for 2024

With the arrival of 2024, there will be a bevy of prospects entering the various European leagues who are poised to make an impact. Many of these come from the country’s respected youth leagues as there are more pipelines into the European leagues than ever before with the various academies in the UK, Sweden, Germany, and more.

So, what better way to start the year than showing off some of the newest hidden gems? Rules are simple as always, but the descriptions will be short and sweet. If you are interested in finding out more about these players, I highly recommend taking the time to watch their tape.

  • They cannot have been featured on any previous lists.
  • They must be 23 years of age or younger
  • They must be European

Pablo Araya – DB – Madrid Bravos

Araya is one of the long list of European players returning to play in Europe after time spent in the American university system. His last few seasons were spent at Colorado Mesa University and Golden West where he saw regular playing time. Now he has returned to Spain with the newly founded Bravos team. He is quick, and twitchy, can play outside or in the slot, and could be a real utility player who can come inside to cover running backs on passing downs. He is one of the most versatile defensive backs in all of Europe and his aggressiveness and downhill speed add to his aforementioned movement skills to create a seriously underrated player. As a Spanish athlete, he has a shot at being a potential key component of the Bravos going forward as they try to establish themselves in a challenging conference.

Victor Omorodion – DB – Hamburg Sea Devils

Omorodion has been on the radar for some years because of his time spent at Rabun Gap High School in Georgia. The rangy safety announced his commitment to the Hamburg Sea Devils at the tail end of the year, and with the number of players who have left the franchise, his experience with the team and athletic ability will be even more valuable. He is aggressive on the ball, has solid feet through the pass, runs responsibly, and isn’t afraid to go into the box, making him one of the best young safeties in today’s league. He is one of the players who didn’t get enough attention last year, and hopefully, he can take that into next year and establish himself with the likes of Maceo Beard, Gordan Zec, and William James because that is how high his potential is as a player.

Noah Allsten – DB – Stockholm Mean Machines

If you cast your mind back to the start of the Istanbul Rams 2022 season you may remember a Swedish cornerback who started as one of the best in Europe for a couple of weeks. Noah Allsten recorded two 40+ pick-sixes in his three games for the former franchise and looked to be the future until he left and rejoined the Stockholm Mean Machines in 2023. Since then, he has been nominated for DB of the Year in the league and continued to perform at a high level for the Swedish national team. He has quick feet, and fluid hips in transition and is a big play player even at the next level. Seeing him return to the ELF should be on the cards given the need for elite defensive back play.

Eritros Haggi – WR – Marburg Mercenaries

Photo: Stefan Tschersich

Haggi has potential that was hinted at with Marburg last season. He caught 24 passes for 281 yards and two touchdowns last season with the Mercenaries but showed in those 24 receptions that he is capable of much more with the right system and scheme fit. His contested catching is among the highest in the GFL. He can make explosive big plays from anywhere and is a true deep threat on the outside because of the tracking and hand placement. As for what can get him to the next level he needs more sharpness in his intermediate routes and less body catching over the middle of the field, because that, in particular, will cause a lot more drops when he is relied on more. He is exactly the young player that teams like the Dresden Monarchs and Allgäu Comets could use effectively.

Mamadou Ka Thiobane – DE – Barcelona Dragons

Mamadou Ka Thiobane @ericribe_fotografia

One of the more underrated pass rushers last season was Mamadou Ka Thiobane. The problem is that he is going to have to do a lot of the heavy lifting on a, so far, underwhelming Barcelona Dragons roster but the veteran addition of Jai Jackson will give him some guidance and structure for him to be alongside in 2024. The length and motor he brings to that defensive line will be more prevalent with a solid year of development where he quietly led the Dragons in sacks and sack yardage in 2023. He is certainly one of the most underrated players from last season and he could be one to take a big step up this season.