5 GFL to ELF transfers that will be impactful

The German Football League and the European League of Football will have cross-over for as long as they are functional in Europe. This means we, as fans, get to see a lot of matchups between our favorite players against the very best in Europe every season.

This season, there have been a few notable movements from the GFL that I want to look at today that may have the biggest impact. It’s important to note that some players may not be featured because of their surrounding team. This, of course, will impact their production, hence their non-inclusion on this list.

Let’s get into it.

Steven Duncan – Dresden Monarchs to Wroclaw Panthers – QB

Duncan might have landed in the best position of all the new players entering the ELF. Top-level offensive line talent, offensive weapons at tight end and receiver, two elite-level running backs (Honorable mention to Gennadiy Adams as another GFL to ELF transfer) and experienced defensive pieces in AJ Wentland, Devan Burrell, and William James. Duncan has a giant arm, has a big frame which will be an addition to the run game and makes him harder to bring down in the pocket. His ability to spread the ball out to his talented receivers also cannot be understated. Dresden’s balanced offense last season wouldn’t have been the same without Duncan’s input. The Panthers will be expecting their first championship under Duncan in 2024, meaning he has the best landing spot, but arguably the most pressure this season.

Austin Mitchell – Dresden Monarchs to Paris Musketeers – WR

Mitchell was the best receiver in the GFL last season. Not many will argue that. He has elite quickness and speed through the entirety of his routes and shows toughness and contested catch ability over the middle. Even with his smaller size he is comfortable on the perimeter and as a slot threat. In Paris, he will have a similar skill set to the former triple crown winner and recently retired Kyle Sweet, so the transition into the offensive scheme should, in theory, be a smooth one. With Edwards returning and a more balanced offensive line the Musketeers are more favored than last year to make a playoff push.

Javarian Smith – Allgäu Comets to Hamburg Sea Devils – QB

Hamburg struggled to find their elite quarterback last season and it showed in their overall offensive identity. Smith is an elite quarterback who could be a problem for the defenses in the Western Conference. He has a great arm and can extend the play in a way that not very many can do in Europe. He might have the best extension ability in the league this season. Having Jarvis McClam and Theodor Landstrom as his leading receivers will give him a top-level deep threat and explosive playmaker who can make his transition a lot easier going forward.

D’Wayne Obi – New Yorker Lions to Madrid Bravos – RB

The Madrid Bravos have not wasted any time in signing players this season, whereas some have been tentative. Madrid is making it clear that they won’t lay down and be a bottom-feeder team. Obi had one of the best debut seasons for a European in recent memory, leading the GFL in rushing yards per game and being second to only Mike Gentili for rushing yards in total. Behind a strong Spanish-based offensive line he can utilize his three-down-back potential. The quarterback is yet to be announced but the talent at receiver with Mario Flores and William Patterson paints the picture of a diverse offence that can attack in many ways. Giving Obi a chance for some big moments during the season because of the defenses not being able to discount Madrid in any way.

Peter Lundström – Potsdam Royals to Prague Lions – DB

The Prague Lions have been featured heavily for their squad-building ability throughout this off-season. Former Potsdam Royal Peter Lundström from Finland is one of the said players who could have a large impact on the defense for the Lions in 2024. He is aggressive, can come into the box and has a nose for turnovers. I can’t see him being a single-high safety due to the elite-level speed of some of these receivers, but he will have an impact within the box for Prague. The Finn is part of a young corps that could surprise a lot of fans. They aren’t ready to contend just yet for a championship but being able to build through these young athletes will pay huge dividends in the future.