5 Things NFL Fans Love About the CFL

Variety is the spice of life. Who doesn’t like more flavors after all? The case is no different with NFL and CFL. North Americans get to choose between two—National Football League (NFL) and Canadian Football League (CFL). But is there any preference?

While both games aren’t perfect, elements of some are preferred by the other camp. Here are 5 things that the NFL fans love about the CFL.

1.    The Fields are Larger and Wider in CFL

The first thing that the NFL fans love about the CFL is the larger field dimensions. Why, you might ask? The reason is simple. Fans love to see their favorite athletes working to the core.

In turn, bigger fields mean that the athletes themselves can see how far their bodies can take them. It gives a truer understanding of grit. No wonder CFL fans are always hyping their players.

Additionally, a bigger field would also mean a greater deal of passing. This makes the game a lot more balanced and well-rounded. Compared to the NFL, the CFL has a better balance with regards to offense and defense.

Speaking of exact dimensions—an NFL field is 100 x 53 1/3 yards, whereas the CFL field is 100 x 65 yards. The end zone in the NFL field is 10 yards deep, and twice the case with CFL.

2.   The CFL has a Greater Number of Players on the Field

Active players on the field are a treat to watch. Having 12 players per side on the field in CFL as opposed to 11 in NFL is a delight for the fans. This means that you get to see not only more players, but a greater variety of them too.

The difference adds to the defense more so than the offense. Both leagues require seven offensive players, which means the extra man serves on the backlines. Some schools might consider defense to be more important than offense. If you are a fan of the same camp, you probably like the idea of an extra man in the CFL.

3.   Overtime Rules are More Exciting in CFL

In the NFL, overtime would be followed by a coin toss. This would then lead to a sudden-death format of play. Pretty banal, right?

The CFL is where things get a little more exciting. The overtime rules make CFL games give a greater adrenaline rush. When it comes to CFL, sports betting naturally becomes a trickier affair owing to this. So, what is special about the overtime rules here?

The coin toss here determines whether the winning team wants first or second possession. There is no kickoff. Instead, the ball is placed on the opposition’s 35-yard line. The other team will have to advance till they score or at least lose possession. The second team has to beat this score. In case both have the same score, the game ends in a tie.

4.   CFL Fans Witness More Game Time

The NFL has a 16-game season. The CFL fans, on the other hand, get to see 18-game seasons. Moreover, the CFL games are mostly scheduled over Fridays and the weekend. Whereas the NFL games can be seen on Mondays too.

The NFL games occur between September and December or January. The CFL games tend to take place between June and November. Honestly, the latter seems to be a more conducive period of play. Not only are the games played in more moderate temperatures, but you also have the holiday season to yourselves and your families.

5.   The CFL Play Clock Sounds More Exciting

In the NFL, the players get 40 seconds to run and make an offensive move after the whistle is blown. By no means are we saying that it is a lot. In fact, the 40 second window is pretty narrow.

But things get a lot more pumping in the CFL. 20 seconds to start play? Sounds like a greater affair of adrenaline. It is to no one’s surprise that the CFL gets so action-packed despite a greater defensive number.

Final Words

While the NFL is riddled with big names, the CFL isn’t a small deal. Both games have their loopholes and imperfections; and a mix of both would be amazing. That being said, as an NFL fan, you can’t help but ask for the aforementioned things to be implemented in the CFL!

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