7 common off-season rugby training mistakes

The off-season is a crucial time for rugby players. It’s time to reflect on the season, improve your game, and get in shape for the next season. Problem is, a lot of rugby players don’t make the most of this valuable window. Here are the seven common off-season rugby training mistakes:

Being too specific

Many players spend the off-season working on the weaknesses in their game, whether it’s tackling, kicking, or running with the ball. This is definitely important, but if it gets too specific, their overall fitness can drop, and they’re not ready for the first game. You see this a lot with inexperienced players that are trying to become the ‘complete’ players. In the off-season, everything needs to be worked on to get ready for game time.

Training like a bodybuilder

There’s a reason that rugby players don’t look like bodybuilders. Bodybuilders spend hours shaping their bodies so they look perfect on stage but lack the brute strength and power that a rugby player needs. In the off-season, rugby players should be focusing on compound exercises in the gym. This will make them more powerful and stronger when they go into the new season. You don’t need perfect abs to play rugby.

Not focusing on rehab

Rugby players pick up injuries all the time. It’s just part of playing such a physical sport. Many players get used to playing with minor injuries because the team needs them. However, the off-season is the perfect time to address these problems without the stress of playing. Time in the gym should be based around injury rehab, and specialists should be consulted for major injuries.

Starting too hard

After the season, most players take a break from playing and training. The problem is that they come back too hard afterward. Training needs to be a gradual improvement over the off-season until they’re fully fit for game time. Starting too hard can also cause players to lose interest and burn out earlier in the season.

Not setting goals

When you are limited in time, it’s important to set goals for training. Some rugby players fail to do this and end up wasting precious time. Goal-setting is an important part of any training regime. It helps players measure their improvement, reach new fitness levels, and come back into a new season even stronger.

Not getting enough rest

Rest is essential for players to come back stronger. For the most dedicated players, it can be difficult to take a holiday and put their feet up. However, without time away from rugby, it’s difficult to maintain the same levels of dedication. Players should factor in rest time, whether it’s spent sitting on a beach or lying in bed playing on spin casino slots.

Not watching past games

You can learn a lot from watching past games. Players should study their own performance over the season and look for ways to improve specific parts of their game. There isn’t much time to do this while the season is in full swing, so the off-season is the perfect time for reflection.

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