7 Key Tips For Getting Into The NFL

Getting into the NFL isn’t easy. It takes years of climbing the ranks, attending a division 1 college and then getting drafted. Millions of American children dream of making it all the way to the NFL. To make it slightly easier, here are 7 key tips for getting into the NFL.

Start Learning To Play Football At A Young Age

Most pro players started at or before 8 years old. The earlier you start, the better chance you have at making it all the way to the NFL. The benefits of starting young are obvious. You will gain a better understanding of the game and will have more time to improve your technical skills.

Watch Football On TV

To make it so you are a better player, watch NFL games on Sunday. The more you watch them, the more comfortable you will be and the faster you will learn how to play the game. To really test your knowledge of the game, check out the NFL football odds and get interested in the strategy and player choices which all influence the game.

Start Proper Training By Age 13

Football training is very important to be at the top of your game. You have to train for hours and hours every day in order to keep up with the competition. If you don’t start training until college, the chances of making it into the NFL will be slim to none. To make it properly, start by age 13 or 14 so that way you have plenty of time before you go off to college.

Involve Yourself In Several Sporting Activities

In order to be well-rounded as a football player, you have to practice other sports. Playing different sports will help with your overall game of football and make it easier for you to learn strategies to use at the next level. Sports such as basketball, baseball, soccer, and lacrosse are great activities that will help you become a better athlete.

Weight Lifting

You have to be strong in order to compete in the NFL. Many football players have so much strength that they can bench press over 500 pounds! To make it into the NFL you will need great strength and power. By investing time into weight-lifting, your chances of making it into the league will be better.

Don’t Neglect Academic Work

You have to work hard at school if you want to have a shot at making it into the NFL. You will be tested in math, reading, and science and must be sure that you keep your grades up. If you start failing tests or doing poorly in class, it’s going to impact your chances of making it all the way into the league. If you manage to get good grades, they’ll look at it as intangibles when looking at potential players who could make it from college football.

Eat well, sleep well, and stay fit

What do you think makes the best football players? It’s their health. Be sure to keep your body in good shape by eating a healthy diet, getting plenty of sleep, and staying fit. If you have an unhealthy body, it will not allow you to improve on the field at all.


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