7 Tips to Guarantee You Win Your Fantasy Football League

As fascinating as it sounds, the Fantasy Football League will give you a chance to be your fantasy manager. You are allowed to pick up your squad of real players. The players you choose will score points for your team based on their performances in real matches.

It sounds bang-on fun, but deep down, it requires a lot more time planning and strategizing in selecting your dream team. However, you can keep in mind that there are few factors like assessing the players based on their past performances, decoding the forthcoming fixtures, and many more for your long-term benefits.

The craze for Fantasy Football League is increasing dramatically day by day. And with the increasing popularity comes heavy competition. It becomes a lot more challenging to stand a chance to win for yourself. We have penned down the list of 7 tips that you can consider for a guaranteed victory in your Fantasy Football League.

  1. Choose the Right Information

Insight into your how to manage your line-up will aid you in choosing your squad accordingly. By doing this, you’ll be in a state to identify the areas that require your attention to make it big and profitable for you. It will also facilitate you with preparing a budget for your team. It is essential to include the best earners of your team in the starting XI. Usually, strikers and midfielders can score well.

  1. Choose Players from The Variety of Clubs

The rules of Fantasy Football Leagues restrict you to choose more than three players from a single club. There are a total of fifteen players in your team. This means you can have five different clubs to choose your players from. It is highly recommended to involve two or three top players to select from the best clubs. However, if you decide to choose your players from quite a few clubs, evenly spread, you are undoubtedly adding up to your chances of winning. You can consider some of the best Fantasy Football League players at lines.com.

  1. Use Your Entire Budget Wisely

This point will make more sense if understood with an example. Suppose you plan to invest around $100. Using the entire budget for your benefit is important because you will not be enjoying any interest on the balance in your account. Suppose in case, you have decided upon your dream squad of the Fantasy Football League with some balance in your account. In that case, you’ll be able to reinvest it in the future course of action.

  1. Invest In The Best Strikers

Have you ever thought of who the most expensive yet exclusive players in Fantasy Football League are? If not, let me take a chance and tell you that it is the striker. Investing in at least one of them from the best clubs will ultimately add up to your chances of winning some brownie points. A striker that is more likely to play every week and challenging for the golden boot should be given priority.

  1. Choose A High Scorer as A Captain

The winning chances almost double if you have a high scorer as the captain of your Fantasy Football squad. Consider giving the captaincy to the best player in your team because the points tally of the captain will be doubled. So it is a win-win situation.

However, individual leadership qualities won’t make much difference in the fantasy league. All it matters is the stats of the player. The stat speaks itself for the reliability of the player.

  1. Full Backs Over Center Backs

Talking about defense, it is recommended to select full-backs over center-backs. If you need stats to prove the importance for the same, you can look back on the results of the last season of the fantasy premier league. Seven out of ten best defenders chose wing-backs and full-backs.

  1. Play For Money

Need not to say, if you involve money as the final perk or purpose of you playing Fantasy Football League, you’ll be more alert and conscious in selecting your team, allocating your budget, planning onto your re-investments, etc. even if you are playing it with your peers, friends or family, involving money will make it a lot more fun and exciting. Everybody loves the idea of playing to make money.

Apart from these, there are many other pointers that you can choose to be a part of your winning journey in the Fantasy Football league.

  • Knowing the rules of your football league might help.
  • Understanding the formats of the leagues is essential. (PPR leagues, Auction vs. Draft, Best Ball Leagues, Dynasty leagues, and IDP leagues)
  • Knowing how you want to draft is better before you start preparing is crucial.
  • Knowing how to pre-rank your players before the edge lets you enjoy the perks related to the competitive advantage.
  • You can seek a draft wizard for expert advice that might prove beneficial in your drafting.


If you wish to win, following these tips will ultimately improve your chances. Also, do your homework well. Jumping in it out of over-enthusiasm won’t let you through. Invest your time in doing the research about the players you wish to include in your team. In addition to that, abiding by your budget is going to prove beneficial.

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