A Quick Guide to J.J. Watt

There are many great players showcasing what they have to offer on the football field. J.J. Watt has proven himself to be a formidable player and a great example both on and off the pitch. If you know little about this defensive end, keep reading to find out more.

Early Years

Born and raised in Wisconsin, Watt has played football for most of his life. He also played many other sports, including ice hockey, basketball, and baseball amongst others. He also set the state title for shot put in his senior year.

He chose to start playing college football at Central Michigan University before playing for the University of Wisconsin-Madison for the rest of his college career. In his time with them, he was voted the MVP in 2010.

Entering the NFL

Watt chose to enter the 2011 NFL Draft instead of playing his senior season of college football. He was the first defensive end to be picked in the first round when the Houston Texans chose to bring him onto the team. With them, he signed a four-year contract. He continued to play with the Houston Texans until 2021 when he requested his release to become a free agent.

Over his career, he has delivered some incredible plays. Though he does stay in his position as a defensive end for the most part, he has been known to move forward to help with defensive tackles and has been even known to jump across to offence where necessary. Amongst his accomplishments, he is the first player in the history of the NFL to land two 20+ sack seasons in his career. His skills are not to be denied; he is a powerful player that has shown his value time and time again. Anyone who is interested in how players like him can affect the outcome of a game needs to check out some NFL betting tips; so much goes into deciding how a match might play out and performances like Watt can make all the difference!

The Next Move for Watt

As mentioned, Watt is currently a free agent – meaning he is not tied to a club with a contract. He is free to go wherever he chooses and sign with the team of his choice. This is a decision that is being watched with some close scrutiny. Watt is aware of this, and has decided to use it to showcase his sense of humour.

On the 23rd of February 2021, Watt tweeted out the phrase “Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell”. This instantly sent his followers into a flurry as they tried to decode precisely what he meant by this. Many reckon that this is a clue as to which team he will be headed to next. Are they right? Only time will tell.

Watt has already shown himself to be a fantastic force on the football field. Whichever team does manage to land him will have scored them a tremendous player who will give his all to their games.

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