Aaron Fiddler returns to Sweden’s Örebro Black Knights as offensive coordinator

When the Örebro Black Knights called up Aaron Fiddler, it was to get his advice on a quarterback who could also serve as offensive coordinator, not to hire him.

General manager Micael Jönsson had no idea that Fiddler was open to the idea of a return to coaching in Europe. That piece of information changed the tone of the call

“We contacted him about getting a QB/OC. If he had someone that he thought would fit. I explained that we need to find a solution that fits our needs and match our other coaches well. And that we could not get an OC and QB in two people because we don’t have the money. Needless to say, he came back with a solution that fit our needs.”

Fiddler was indeed interested in coaching in Europe again after a number of teams had reached out.

“I had a few teams contact me about head coaching jobs, but I’m working on my Education Specialist degree and Teaching, so nothing long term would work. The sports group, Peter and ‘Majs’ got in contact with me about imports that I may know and me coming as the OC just materialized through my situation matching their needs. I don’t think they even knew I was interested.”

Fiddler served as head coach of the Black Knights for three seasons (2016-18) compiling an overall record of 20-12 with two semifinal appearances and one appearance in the Swedish championship game. He also served as offensive coordinator for the Swedish men’s and u19 national teams. Prior to arriving in Sweden in 2016, he was the offensive coordinator for both the Marburg Mercenaries and Berlin Adler in the German Football League.

Needless to say, Eisenstadt is pleased at the way the call went:

“We are very excited to have Aaron as our OC for the 2021 season. He is a great addition because he has coached the Black Knights in years prior. He has strong relationships with team members and has valuable coaching experience in Superserien.”

Since leaving Örebro, Fiddler has worked as a teacher in Charleston, West Virginia and kept his hand in football by coaching running backs and linebackers for South Charleston High School in 2019. His job as a teacher is what opens up for a return to Sweden and Örebro.

“As a teacher with my summers free, I see it as an opportunity to have some great competition in my life, and also an opportunity to be around and interact with people that I really value in my life.”

The opportunity to be able to work with a young, committed and forward-thinking head coach was an important factor in helping Fiddler make his decision:

“In the short time that I’ve gotten to know Sam I’m really excited about him. I thought he was a great hire for the Black Knights because of his personality and love of the game. I look forward to being as supportive as humanly possible of him so that he can have success as our head coach and we can have success as a team.”

The plan is for Fiddler to come to Sweden when summer vacation starts in the States but he may show up at spring training camp to install the offense.

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