Aaron Jones And His Oakley Sunglasses

The NFL has a worldwide appeal, with teams playing in London and Europe as well as North America. NFL stars are global icons, with Tom Brady is well-known in England and he is in New England. That level of stardom means what NFL players do matters. If they wear a particular brand of clothing or support a particular rap artist, the brand grows as a result. It’s why so many NFL stars have endorsements because it helps build a brand, as well as earn a few dollars for the star in question.

Sometimes, those players become almost synonymous with the brands they back. For instance, the NFL has a company-wide agreement with Oakley to provide shields and eyewear. Patrick Mahomes has a commercial agreement with Oakley and has been seen in the popular sunglasses model Kato. But, it is Packers running back Aaron Jones who is perhaps better known for his love of the brand. He’s well-known for wearing a sombrero and Oakley sunglasses when he arrives at games – the sombrero is a homage to his hometown of El Paso. The shades? He just loves them.

“I started putting on the glasses this year,” he said in a 2020 interview with Inside Hook. “Oakley sent them to me, and I was like, ‘Oh, those are it. Those are it. They just stood out to me. I love all their glasses, but the gold just stood out to me.” He’s perhaps done more for the Oakley range of sunglasses than any NFL star, and he’s not always in the same model. Indeed, Jones has been seen in multiple styles, and if you want to know which are his favorites, you’re in the right place.

Here, we look at three models that Jones has worn in recent memory.



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If there is a quintessential Aaron Jones Oakley look, then it is perhaps the Kato model. They have a wide fit, looking much like a racing visor, which again is a tribute to Oakley’s beginnings as dirt bike accessories. They have the trademark Prizm lenses, available in ten different colors, and it isn’t unusual to see Jones in a pair color-coded to the green and yellow of the Packers. They’ve also been worn by a number of cyclists, including Mark Cavendish, which underlines their flexibility from fashion pieces to functional sports glasses.



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Jones has spoken of his love of wrestling and the style of the legendary Macho Man Randy Savage. One of the more iconic sunglasses ranges from Oakley is the Sutro, which seemingly pays homage to the grappler, although they were inspired by skiing goggles. In an interview, Jones admits they’re a model he really likes. “I like the Sutro style as well — the cut of the big throwback. They remind me of snowboarding goggles. But they’re stylish, and everybody loves them.” Like the Kato, they’re highly customizable, something evident in the many styles Jones has been seen in.



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The Holbrook is a classic pair of Oakley sunglasses, with many variations of the model. There is a Holbrook model designed for fishing and another designed for fashion; there are different frame options, including metal. They’re a dream for those who like customized glasses. If anything, they’re almost too understated for Jones and his vibrant style, but he is still seen in them from time to time. They’re not unlike the Ray-Ban Wayfarer model, a timeless shape and style that doesn’t loom out of place on the nose of today’s NFL stars.

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