LB Adam Araújo Signs With Brazil’s Jaraguá Breakers of Torneio Touchdown

Jaraguá Breakers presented this past weekend a new enhancement to their defense.

The team from Santa Catarina announced the signing of linebacker Adam AraújoAraújo has played for a few other clubs in Brazil, including Minas Locomotiva, Pouso Alegre Gladiadores and Corinthians Steamrollers, where he won the Torneo Guerreros de los Andes last season, held in Peru.

Araújo, 1.83m 110kg, on his signing with the Breakers;

“My main motivation for accepting this invitation to defend the colors of the Jaraguá Breakers was the fact that they have a winning mentality. Head coach (Dennis Prants) can count on a person who is 100% dedicated. I came here to give my best, just as I did in my previous teams.”

Julian Banks playing for Jaraguá Breakers in 2013 season

Banks playing for Breakers in 2013 season

The athlete’s contract with the Breakers will last until the end of the year. The Breakers’ management team is also seeking resources to bring back American quarterback Julian Banks, who with the team in the 2013 season when he won the Torneio Touchdown (TTD) championship.

Breakers is in Division D of TTD with Juventude FA, Timbó Rex and UFPR Brown Spiders.

Jaraguá Breakers Season 2015 Schedule

Home Date and local Visitor
Jaraguá BreakersJaraguá Breakers Jul 4th – Jaraguá do Sul, SC UFPR Brown SpidersUFPR Brown Spiders
Paraná HPParaná HP Aug 8th – Curitiba, PR Jaraguá BreakersJaraguá Breakers
Botafogo ChallengersBotafogo Challengers Aug 29th – Ribeirão Preto, SP Jaraguá BreakersJaraguá Breakers
Jaraguá BreakersJaraguá Breakers Sep 12th – Jaraguá do Sul, SC Timbó RexTimbó Rex
Jaraguá BreakersJaraguá Breakers Oct 10th – Jaraguá do Sul, SC FlamengoFlamengo FA
Corinthians SteamrollersCorinthians Steamrollers Oct 24th – São Paulo, SP Jaraguá BreakersJaraguá Breakers
Jaraguá BreakersJaraguá Breakers Nov 11th – Jaraguá do Sul, SC JuventudeJuventude FA

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