AFI All-Pandemic Team: Tight End – Bernhard Seikovits, Dacia Vienna Vikings

At 6’6″, 255 pounds, Dacia Vienna Vikings tight end/wide receiver Bernhard Seikovits cuts an imposing figure for a receiver and his performance on the field reflects that. This did not go unnoticed by the selection panel for AFI’s All-Pandemic Team.

Although Vikings head coach Chris Calaycay moved Seikovits from wideout to tight end for the season series against the Graz Giants, the imposing Seikovits was still the third leading receiver and had the highest number of receptions among the receivers on both teams. His 21 catches for 282 yards and four touchdowns in three games, coupled with his incredible blocking abilities, made him a natural choice for the AFI All-Pandemic Team.

Picked in 2019 for the NFL International Player Pathway Program, Seikovits has added 20 pounds of muscle to his already muscular frame and it showed as the Vikings defeated Graz in the best of five series three games to none, thanks in part to the superlative play of Seikovits.

Throughout the career of the young Austrian, Vikings head coach Chris Calaycay has kept him under close watch as he progressed through the Vikings system:

“Bernie is one of the rare players that combines a raw physical talent with the work ethic that a coach dreams of. He has been such a great role model for our youth players and just such a dominant player on the field. Easily on of the most talented and great young men that I have had a chance to coach and I know that the coaches and organization are truly proud of his accomplishments.”

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