AFI will be livestreaming the Swedish Women’s Championship Game!

American Football International is proud to announce that the Swedish Women’s Championship Game between the Carlstad Crusaders and Örebro Black Knights will be shown live on Saturday, October 24 starting at 11:00.

AFI reached an agreement with the Swedish American Football Federation and who will be broadcasting the game exclusively in Sweden, to provide the livestream to an international audience.

So far, since July 30, has broadcast over 80 football games from Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Poland and Austria to a growing international viewing audience. AFI is in discussions with several more countries in Europe and throughout the world, to expand the service.

John McKeon, Founder and CEO of American Football International:

“We are extremely excited to be able to add the Swedish women’s championship game to our list of games on Women’s football is growing throughout the world in leaps and bounds and Sweden is among the top nations globally.”


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