AFI’s All-Pandemic Team: Center – Kohei Yamashita, Fujitsu Frontiers

Evaluating the play of offensive linemen is not the easiest of tasks but in the case of Fujitsu Frontiers center Kohei Yamashita for the AFI All-Pandemic Team selection panel, it was pretty straightforward.

In fact, after watching a couple of games, it was a no brainer. Yamashita is just that good.

Although short by most offensive line standards, 5’11”, 255 pound, 27 year old Yamashita from Osaka, has been dominating defensive lineman his entire playing career which includes the Kansai University Kaisers.

Fujitsu head coach Yo Yamamoto:

“He had been selected as All X-league in 2019. And He is a tough and clever player. He is the leader of the offensive line and has good control of the offensive unit in the game. I truly trust him as a player.”

His style of play has helped keep quarterback Michael Birdsong upright and healthy and has helped the Frontiers to an unbeaten record so far this season.

Fujitsu Frontiers offensive line coach Keven Lightner:

” Kohei is a great player. He is very smart and works very hard on his technique and has gotten more physical every year. He is our Oline Leader and great communicator.”

Frontiers quarterback Michael Birdsong:

“He is very smart player and plays a big role in getting our offensive line in the right direction for pass protection and run game. Best center in the Xleague, in my opinion.”

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