AFI’s All-Pandemic Team: LB – Satoru Takahashi, Obic Seagulls

The key to picking an all star squad is to look for consistency and the highest level of play and to try to ignore the spectacular. In the case of selecting the third and final linebacker spot, the AFI All-Pandemic Team panel did just that in choosing Obic Seagulls linebacker Satoru Takahashi.

He was consistently his team’s leading tackler  and the 26 year old Hosei University graduate just seemed to have a nose for the ball. Despite his size (5’10”, 190 pounds) he made life difficult for opposing running backs. He was a critical factor in the Seagull’s first X Bowl win since 2013.

Obic Seagulls assistant coach Kevin Jackson:

“Satoru came to us this year after several years at Fujitsu. He has a natural fit and feel for the ball. He’s always around the football and has a great motor. We had several players retire at the linebacker position and we were thin coming into the season at the position. Where we were looking for a guy to come in and provide depth and relief, Satoru came in and immediately proved that he was an impact player. We found different ways to get him on the field with sub packages and personnel groupings. We knew we had to get him out there, and he consistently made plays for us!

Satoru was also reunited with his older brother Makoto, who has been with the Seagulls for the past six seasons. Being able to win the championship this year was probably extra special for Satoru being that he was able to experience winning together with his brother.”

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