AFI’s All-Pandemic Team: LT – Sven Breidenbach, Wroclaw Panthers

The toughest group to evaluate on a football team is the offensive line and the AFI All-Pandemic Team panel had some lively debates concerning the left tackle spot, but in the end the choice seemed natural – Wroclaw Panthers hulking Sven Breidenbach.

The 30 year old Breidenbach, 6’5″, 285 pounds from Cologne, Germany, made life easier for his quarterback, young Bartek Dziedzic from Poland and also for the Panthers starting running back Ryan Tuiasoa and his backup, Damian Kwiatkowski. According to Tuiasoa, “running behind Breidenbach was great because he cleared such a big path“.

He started his playing career late, at the age of 22 with his hometown Cologne Crocodiles, at that time in the lower divisions in Germany. Six years ago, the offensive line coach convinced him he would be ideal on the offensive line. He has thrived there ever since.

CFL Director of Global Scouting, Greg Quick when Breidenbach underwent evaluation at the CFL Global Combine held in Germany in 2020:

“Sven looks like the prototypical offensive lineman. He easily passed the eyeball test and just carried himself with an air of assurance and maturity.”

Wroclaw Panthers head coach Jakub Samel:

“Sven is a very ambitious player with high goals. His work ethic and approach to every practice session matches what he wants to accomplish. He was a great addition to our offensive line unit and helped our team get to a higher level.”

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