AFI’s expert panel predicts winner of Swedish Championship Game!

It’s Championship week in Sweden!

This year the 2020 Superserien Championship will be played in Karlstad, Sweden on Saturday, October 24. This championship will feature the Stockholm Mean Machines who come into the game with a 6-1 record squaring off against the Carlstad Crusaders who have overcome an up and down season posting a 5-2 record. The two teams split their regular season series with Stockholm winning their first matchup in week 1 and Carlstad winning in the final week of the regular season. That being said there are four quarters left in the season so fans can throw out the records!

In order to predict this year’s Swedish Championship we asked six 2020 Superserien players their thoughts. Three players from the Örebro Black Knights and three players from the Uppsala 86ers.

Our first expert is Jake Sisson, the current quarterback of the Örebro Black Knights. Sisson threw for 673 yards and 6 touchdowns this season and lost a heart breaker to the Carlstad Crusaders in the playoffs. Sisson is a European veteran who has played in Germany and Serbia  before this season in Sweden.

Next we have Sisson’s teammate Mike Gentili, Gentili joined the Black Knights late in the season but immediately made an impact helping Örebro beat Carlstad in the regular season for the first time since 1999. Gentili is an Italian American running back who has played for the Lazio Marines and Helsinki Roosters before his short 2020 season in Örebro. He had signed with the German powerhouse Schwabisch Hall Unicorns before his stint this season with the Roosters.

Our third expert is Örebro defensive back Eric Murphy. Murphy is a Swedish veteran who has played multiple seasons for the Black Knights and is known as one of their emotional leaders. He is one of the most experienced experts we have as far as the Swedish Superserien goes.

Next we have three players from the Uppsala 86ers, Josh Akena, William James, and Oscar Nevermann. Josh Akena played all over the field for Uppsala, playing running back and linebacker this season. Akena has experience playing in both Sweden and Finland and is known for his hard running style.

Our second 86ers player is William James is a hard hitting defensive back and native Swede, who joined the 86ers late this season after playing in Finland this summer with the Helsinki Wolverines. James has also played in Sweden, Germany (Dresden Monarchs) and at North Dakota University.

Our final expert is Uppsala’s Oscar Nevermann. Nevermann is a native Swede who has played for North Dakota University and the Frankfurt Universe. This season he suited up for Uppsala where he was asked to play quarterback, running back, punter, and a host of other positions.


“Speaking from experience, I could see this game going both ways, each team has difference makers on both sides of the ball with solid big guys in the trenches. But if I had to choose one, I believe I’d give the edge to Carlstad. I think the game style that Carlstad plays gives them a good matchup against the Mean Machines.”

Sisson’s Pick: Carlstad Crusaders


“The biggest factor in this game won’t be the imports or local playmakers, but rather the field conditions. On a wet day, especially with the Women’s championship game playing before. Go Orebro Ladies! The sloppy field will play to Carlstad’s strengths as a team and limit the dynamic playmaking ability of the Stockholm Mean Machine. Carlstad 20 Stockholm 13.”

Gentili’s Pick: Carlstad Crusaders


“I think Carlstad will win this matchup and take away Stockholms chances of a three peat. I think this is a classic game of offense versus defense. I think Stockholm has a much better offense than Carlstad, but Carlstad has the better defense in my opinion. I feel like they can eliminate big plays from Stockholms playmakers such as Alpha Jalloh and Edvin Almeida, I don’t think Stockholm will have an answer. I predict a low scoring game 13-6 with the winner of another Swedish championship going to Carlstad.”

Murphy’s Pick: Carlstad Crusaders


“I would want my boys in Stockholm to win, as they should be favoured. But the Crusaders will most likely take this one home as they have been tested in close matchups and have “home field advantage” which is on grass. They also have managed to beat Stockholm there before. Personally when playing both teams, I was more impressed by the physicality and execution that the Crusaders had both on offense and on defense whoever manages the line controls the game.”

Akena’s Pick: Carlstad Crusaders


“While scouting Stockholm’s offense who definitely have the best wide receiver core in Sweden, I also got to observe the Crusaders defense. While Stockholm have been solid all year, I reckon the Crusaders defensive line will outplay the o-line and let the pressure do their this game. If the Crusaders defensive backs can minimize big plays and let the pressure do their job against Morovick it will be a rainy day for Stockholm. I don’t see Stockholm as patient enough to play the short game consistently and that’ll be the key for Carlstad to emphasize.”

James’s Pick: Carlstad Crusaders


“I think Carlstad will stand as champions. Their offense is running a great RPO style that is going to be too much to handle for the Stockholm outside linebackers and a weaker defensive line. On defense the defensive backs will have to eliminate big plays since that is most of Stockholm’s offense, but as well coaches their team is by head coach BD Kennedy I don’t see them not having any trouble with it. Not to mention the home field advantage.”

Nevermann’s Pick: Carlstad Crusaders

International viewers can watch the game live on Saturday, October 24 starting at 15:00 CET (3 pm). If you are in Sweden, view it on

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