AFI’s Top 20: Carlstad Proves Why They Are Among The Elite, Serbia’s Vukovi Back On List

We are into Week 9 of AFI’s Europe Top 20 where we present the weekly ranking of the Top 20 best American football teams in Europe in 2015. Let’s take a look at this week’s changes.

Many countries were either idle or have finished their seasons so the rankings do not move too much. But the IFAF Europe Champions League in an otherwise quiet week triggered some changes. Having said that, there has been some movement this week.

With the Carlstad Crusaders unbelievable 84-49 (?!) victory over Serbia’s SBB Vukovi Belgrade in the final of the Champions League tournament, the Swedish club solidified its hold on 4th place in Europe. They had played two games in three days in 90 degree (30 degree) temperatures and still managed to average 62 points of offense in the two games. Vukovi’s spot in the finals for the second year in a row puts them back up on the Top 20 list.

That being said, the Braunschweig New Yorker Lions are still at #1 spot on our list after beating the Hamburg Huskies 21-0. They face the #3 Kiel Baltic Hurricanes this weekend. Swarco still stays at #2 after an outstanding season. Their earlier loss to the Lions, although close, still holds them behind them. The Kiel Baltic Hurricanes remain at #3 but this weekend’s game could change things.  As we said, Sweden’s Carlstad Crusaders are a strong #4 after their dominating showing in the Champions League Final Four this past weekend. France’s champion Saint Ouen l’Aumône Cougars who have finished their season, stay at #5.

Germany’s Schwäbisch Hall stays at  #6 after beating Marburg 44-6 while Dresden’s 45-21 win over the Berlin Rebels keeps them at #7. Allgäu beat Saarland handily and stays #8. The Vienna Vikings stay at #10.  Thonon drops down to #16 after their 41-6 loss to the Carlstad Crusaders and Sweden’s Royal Crowns are at #11. The Prague Black Panthers are at #9. The London Warriors move to #13 followed by Swiss champions, the Calanda Broncos at #14. Saarland’s loss dropped them two spots to #15 with France’s Thonon Black Panthers falling to #16.  Italian champions the Milano Seamen are at #17. The Novi Sad Dukes climb up two places to #18  with Poland’s number two team, the Wroclaw Panthers staying at #19 and SBB Vukovi Belgrade get back on the list at #20.

We are certain you have plenty of comments and we would love to hear them. If you don’t like our rankings let us know!

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