AFL vs NFL: The Sporting Careers of Australian Athletes in Both Codes

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When it comes to Australian players it’s always hard to decide for them where to continue their sports career – in NFL or AFL. Regardless of whether players choose between playing NFL or AFL – either way they must work hard if they wish to achieve any kind of success at all professionally speaking! As such, only through dedication & determination combined together do Aussie athletes stand a chance of succeeding on the field – no matter which code ultimately decide upon!

AFL vs NFL – Rules and Strategies

AFL and NFL nowadays are quite popular among both Americans and Australians. Even though there are many similarities between AFL and NFL, there are some common differences as well. 

When it comes to AFL and NFL gaming, they mostly have the similar rules, however, they do vary slightly depending on which league you’re watching or participating in. The main difference lies within the number of downs allowed per possession; while both use four downs to move 10 yards toward scoring territory (the end zone), only three are given in an AFL match-up versus four for an NFL contest. 

Another major difference between these two great sports organizations is the strategy employed during gameplay – what works best can often depend upon which organization’s regulations apply at any given moment! 

Australian Athletes in AFL

Australia has some of the best athletes in the world, and AFL is no exception. The AFL has or had a number of talented footballers who are/were prominent sportsmen both locally and internationally.

It’s not just present players that are making history either. For example, former greats like Leigh Matthews, Tony Lockett, and Kevin Sheedy have all left their mark on AFL with their skillful play over many years. With so much talent coming out of Australia for this sport it can be hard for new players or teams to stand out but each year brings something special with more young Aussies looking at taking up footy professionally than ever before! 

AFL continues its legacy today thanks largely to its amazing pool of Australian athletes compe in ting week after week across all levels – whether they’re playing locally or nationally every single game provides us with another opportunity to witness greatness live!

Australian Athletes in NFL

The National Football League (NFL) is no stranger to international talent. In recent years, the NFL has seen a surge in Australian athletes joining its ranks with many making an impact on the field. 

One such player is Jordan Berry from Melbourne who was drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2015 as a punter – becoming just one of two Australians at that time playing professionally in America’s most popular sports league. 

Another well-known name among Australian fans is Adam Gotsis from Sydney who made history when he became the only second Aussie ever selected during Round 2 of the 2016 NFL Draft after being chosen by Denver Broncos as their defensive end/tackle hybrid player – something unheard before this point! 

Success Stories

The Australian sporting landscape is home to some of the world’s most talented athletes, many of whom have gone on to achieve great success in both AFL and NFL. 

For starters, there is Ben Graham – a former Geelong Cats star who went on to become a punter for multiple teams in the NFL including the New York Jets & Arizona Cardinals between 2005-2010. He was also part of the Super Bowl XLII winning team with the Giants & was named All-Pro twice during his time Stateside! 

On the other hand, there’s Matt McBriar; another ex-AFLer turned successful punter like Ben Graham but unlike him had a longer stint (2006–2013) which included 4 Pro Bowl selections & one First Team All-Pro selection while playing Dallas Cowboys! 

These amazing achievements show what can happen if you put your mind to it regardless of origin or background – something all aspiring young players should take note of no matter what code they choose to pursue a career path within Australia or elsewhere around the globe!


In conclusion, while there will always be debates surrounding which code reigns supreme between AFL vs NFL – what cannot be denied is the fact that Australia has some truly remarkable athletes who have gone on not only compete but also excel at the professional level within both codes over recent years; further cementing Australia’s place amongst global elite sporting nations around the world today!


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