American Football Association of Finland launches new website and branding

American Football Association of Finland (SAJL) has launched a new website and refreshed its brand.

The new branding breaks away from the former visual line which was based on the name of the organization.

The aim of the new look is to communicate more about the sport and also the features and personality of Finland.  Not only is Finland one of the most successful American football nations in Europe, but the country also has some  of the cleanest and freshest air, water and nature in the world.

The next time Finland will offer its hospitality to the global American football community will be at the 2022 IFAF Women’s World Championships.

For now, the main target group of the new website is Finnish users. However, the sections in English will be further developed and expanded during the early part of the year and key features like player statistics will continue to be presented mainly in English.

Check out the new-look website by clicking here.

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