American Football Betting Strategies

The U.S. sports culture is considered one of the most diverse and spectacular in the world. It gave the beautiful basketball in the NBA, the best hockey league in the NHL, the beautiful baseball championship in the MLB. And the crowning achievement of this combination is the NFL, the best league in American football. Over time, the sport is gaining popularity not only among the world’s observers but also in the field of betting. With, we will talk about the features of betting on the NFL.

Key Factors

The most crucial success factor in American football betting is the ability to properly analyze each game. To conduct an accurate analysis of the game, the following evaluation criteria should be used:

  • Team shape. It is important to assess the physical and psychological state of the teams, perhaps there are a series of victories or defeats that affect the functional state and morale.
  • Head-to-head confrontation. Difficult rivals or, on the contrary, easy teams, long series without a victory for one of the teams, failures at a particular stadium are also important factors that can indirectly affect the result.
  • First of all, performance trends. It is important to assess how much the teams are scoring and conceding in recent meetings.
  • Derby teams from the same city, historically irreconcilable rivals, match for reaching the playoffs, the final of the tournament – assessing the importance of the match for each team is no less important than understanding the shape of the teams.
  • Selection of players. Injuries, personal problems, relationships with the coaching staff, disqualifications must be taken into account.
  • This feature has a greater impact on performance. It is harder to run in rainy weather, the muscles in the legs get clogged faster, so more often the teams show not the most productive football.

Given the features discussed, viewing the archives of matches and duels live and guided by statistics, bettors will greatly simplify the task of selecting the best option for the bet.

Effective betting strategies

Despite the sport’s popularity among bettors, a large number of effective betting strategies have not been developed. The reason is the unpredictability of American football. However, we will still look at the most suitable strategies.

Miller’s mathematical calculation

This is a controversial strategy, but it is based on working with real statistics, also this model is characterized by a good passability – about 60-65%. Its essence is as follows: players need to calculate the approximate result of the match, considering the statistical indicators of the last 5 matches of each team for calculations.

We start by calculating the attack rating. For this, we take the last 5 games and see how many points the team scored. For example, 40, 36, 20, 33 and 30. Cross out the largest and smallest numbers – 40 and 20, and add the remaining numbers and divide by 3. We get 99:3 = 33.

Next, we calculate the defense rating. Let’s imagine that the team missed 33, 16, 52, 11 and 27 points. The counting principle is the same, in the end, we get 22.

The same operation must be performed with the opponent. Let’s say, after the calculations, it turned out that the defensive rating of the guests is 17, and the rating of the attack is 26.

Now we form the prediction. We add the guests’ defense rating to the attacking rating of the hosts and subtract 20. In our case, it turns out 30. The same is the opposite, it turns out 28. The final score is 30:28. Based on the result obtained, you can place bets on the corresponding total, handicap or victory of one of the teams.

Lagging favorite

With this strategy, everything is much simpler. We choose a live match between the favorite and the underdog. We follow the situation, and if the favorite starts to lose 7 or more points, then we bet on his positive handicap or victory. Thus, we will be able to place a bet on the favorite with favourable odds. The main thing is to analyze the match before it starts and understand whether the chances of a strong team to win are that high.


American football betting is a great activity for those who love this game discipline. If a bettor knows this sport, then even high unpredictability will not hinder successful bets. After all, it is possible to bet not only on the winner of the game and totals but also on some statistical moments.

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