American Football Betting Tips to Win at Australian Casinos

While the sport may be missing on a global scale, American football is the most visible of the top four US sports (together with baseball, basketball, and ice hockey) and hence attracts a great level of betting interest among gamblers from the USA and all over the globe. American football is also extremely popular at the college level. And with over 100 teams competing in First Division NCAA football, some would argue that it is the second most popular sport in the United States behind professional American football. The industry’s trusted mobile casinos are aware of this level of interest and readily offer the greatest American football markets, as well as the best betting tips and odds, allowing you to combine with your expertise and enhance your American football betting. Let us help you start your betting journey on the right foot.

American Football Betting Odds

Betting on any sport, including American football, necessitates a thorough comprehension of the betting odds. Knowing how to calculate American football odds, as well as what drives them, will allow you to make better bets and pave the road for long-term success in American football betting. American football odds are expressed in three formats: fractional, decimal, and moneyline. While the latter is the most recognizable to gamblers, decimal and fractional odds formats are considerably easier to understand.

When determining odds, bookmakers consider a variety of criteria. Here are some of the most important ones for you to know:

  • Respective team form and strength – Bookmakers determine favorites and underdogs based on power rankings and squad quality. They also have access to advanced analytical tools that help them evaluate teams’ prior performance. They also take into account prior Head to Head outcomes;
  • Home-field advantage – Home-field advantage is dependent on a team’s success at home. Some clubs are linked with long-term home triumphs, while others demonstrate this advantage over a smaller number of home games. Many bookmakers are aware of this pattern and make certain to keep it in account when setting odds on a certain game;
  • Team/coach characteristics – Some teams may have a superior offensive line, while others may have a solid defensive line. Teams often play to their strengths, but depending on the opponent, they may also opt to exploit the opponent’s weaknesses. When setting odds, bookmakers take this into account, as well as the coaches’ tactical preferences;
  • Injuries – Bookmakers stay up to speed on the latest team news. For example, if a club is missing their best quarterback due to suspension or injury, the oddsmakers will take that into account when determining the odds for that game. It is also vital to understand that bookies never reveal the whole value of the odds they offer and always change them to create a profit margin.

It is up to you to determine the size of your wager by applying your understanding of American football betting odds. Simply said, value is found in a wager when your own evaluated likelihood of an occurrence is greater than what the bookmaker’s odds imply. Finding value betting possibilities might be critical in your quest to create regular earnings from American football betting. Varying bookies provide different odds based on their own judgments. As a result, it is becoming increasingly crucial to select a bookmaker that offers the greatest odds. With BestAuCasinosOnline, it will be easier for you to find professional and trusted online casinos that meet your betting needs to the fullest.

How to Place a Bet on American Football

The complicated gameplay of American football allows you to put a range of various wagers. Bookmakers from all over the world take advantage of this complication and provide gamblers with a diverse range of American football betting options to choose from. Among the most prominent betting markets are the following ones.

Point Spread

Arguably the most prominent and traditional betting market in American football, Point Spread is recognized to govern American Football wagering. Point spread, also known as betting lines or handicap betting, is an anticipated margin provided to a game by bookmakers. And bettors try to forecast which side of the margin the result will fall under.

Consider a game between the Miami Dolphins and the Dallas Cowboys. The Dolphins are favored by +4.5 (1.9), while the Cowboys are favored by -4.5 (1.9). In this situation, the Cowboys are the favorites to win at -4.5, while the Dolphins are the underdogs at +4.5. The point spread here is 4.5 on either side of the Cowboys. If you bet on the Cowboys to win, the Cowboys must beat the Dolphins by 5 points. And if you bet on the Dolphins, your bet wins if the Dolphins either win the match or do not lose by 5 points.

Over and Under Points Market

You bet on the overall amount of points in this market. Bookmakers predict the total amount of points that will be scored in a match. Bettors attempt to anticipate whether the number of points scored will exceed or fall below the figure set by the bookmakers. Remember that total points refer to the cumulative score of both teams in that match.

Football Moneylines

A simple type of bet where you simply predict the outcome of the game (including over time). It’s vital to understand that in moneylines, you’ll see both low and high odds, depending on how favored one side is over the other.

Outrights in American Football

The future/outright betting market is when you directly bet on the winner of a league or tournament. Outrights are particularly popular in American football betting since you may wager on many contests at both the professional and collegiate levels.

Teaser Bets

Teaser Bets are a combination of the point spread and total points markets. It enables you to sway the line in your favor. For example, if the Seahawks are at a -9.5 spread and a teaser of 6 (the typical teaser value), you may support them at a -3.5 spread. Remember that this advantage comes at a cost, and the odds available in this market are quite low.

Wrapping up

Knowing the American football betting markets will help you assess the sheer variety of different bets you can place in it. But in order to be successful long term, it’s important you understand when to play what markets and create a betting strategy that incorporates your game knowledge as well as your understanding of the American betting markets and odds.

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