American Football Forever – Trend That Never Dies

American football is the most popular sport in the United States, gathering millions of viewers at stadiums and in front of TVs. One survey found that this kind of football has been a favorite sport among Americans since 1972 when it first overtook baseball. The University of Southern California team played the game with over 90,000 spectators. Of course, those who prefer traditional football will find soccerwagerz daily tips interesting and useful. And others can learn more about their favorite sport right now.

The NFL’s television ratings are higher than other North American sports leagues. Generally, about 100 million people watch the Super Bowl, the NFL’s deciding game of the season.

Amateur college football is also very popular. The four university stadiums in the United States hold over 100,000 spectators and are often fully occupied. Even high school games attract more than 10,000 viewers.

However, American football slowly develops outside North America. Despite 64 national federations, only 7-8 countries can boast that football of this type developed at a fairly high level. These are the UK, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Germany, France, Austria, and Sweden. But even these countries are much inferior to the USA in the level of development of football, the number of athletes, and stadiums.

American Football and Its Triumphal March around the World

Ironically enough, football has existed since Sparta and Rome. Soldiers played it to train to conduct hostilities. When the Romans captured England, they brought this game with them. It gradually developed and had become so popular in Britain by the 11th century that King Richard II banned it because it took too much time at the expense of shooting.

This game has already been cultivated in more than 40 countries. The formation and development of American football in Europe began in the 1970s. Canada did not stand aside. However, the northern neighbor of the United States brought to this discipline its own characteristics. As a result, Canadian and American games differ to a small extent. However, this difference does not prevent the players of both countries from meeting in mutual fights and finding common ground on the football field.

Why Does American Football Remain Trendy Only in the USA?

The game is too complicated. First, this activity requires fans to know the rules of the game on a professional level. And it will help if you study a lot to understand what is happening on the field in contrast to “clear” European football. Then, every team and player needs highly professional technical and special training.

This gaming activity has long been cultivated as a national sport and popularized domestically, not outside. Besides, British but not Americans, dominated during American football’s world unification in the early 20th century. As a result, they were more mobile and took over the whole world with the game in its version of the rules. And when globalization came into play, FIFA finally approved the celebration of football called soccer. And only the USA did not give up.

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