American Football Growing in Portugal

Last June, the Portuguese Association of American Football (APFA) underwent a huge change in leadership in the front office. Duarte Carreira has stepped in as the new president of the association and will be responsible by guiding the future of the sport in Portugal.

Between this promotion and an internal re-organization of the Portuguese League of American Football (LPFA) the other major move by the new leadership was the planning of the first ever national team in Portugal. Carreira invited Sebas Serrano, a coach very well known throughout Europe, to take on the task of putting together the first group of Portuguese football players that will have the opportunity to play international games.

Portugal - APFA logo

Unquestioned growth of American football in Portugal

The growth of American Football in Portugal is undeniable with the 8th edition of the league set to start in November 2016 and with many of teams having already started to bring players from abroad. The Lisboa Devils, Algarve Sharks, Black Knights and Maia Renegades are all teams that have already publicly announced the signing of players and/or coaches for this upcoming season.

As already mentioned, the league is set to start in November 2016 and will have 10 teams that will all play each other. In addition to the four teams already mentioned the other teams set to compete in the league are the Lisboa Navigators, Crusaders CFA, Algarve Pirates, Porto Mutts, Paredes Lumberjacks and the Braga Warriors.

With the Lisboa Devils currently holding the championship title in Portugal, which team that will come on top in the end of the next edition of the Portuguese League of American Football? And what can we expect from the 1st ever Portuguese national team? All these questions will be answered in the next few months.

André Amorim has been involved in American Football in Portugal for over 9 years, having played and coached in the only two teams that have won championships in that country. From 2007 to 2013 he played and coached with the Lisboa Navigators the