American Football in Europe

You may have heard the term “American football” before. It may seem like it would be difficult to watch or play if you don’t live in America, but this cannot be farther from the truth. This is actually one of the more trending sports in Europe. The sport is so popular that there are even professional leagues that play year-round right here on the European continent. So, learn all about American football in Europe by reading on.

History of American Football

The game of American football is one that has been played in the United States since the mid-19th century. The game was first formed when Princeton University student Walter Camp and his classmates were bored during a rain storm and began playing with a soccer ball instead. They added some rules from rugby, which had been played at Harvard University since 1874, including one that allowed for forward passing of the ball. In 1888, Yale hosted Harvard for what would become the first college football game between two Ivy League schools—and it was won by Yale 6-4.

Nowadays there are over 1 million children who play organized tackle football across Europe each year; this number grows every year as more teams are created around Europe and more people begin participating in various leagues throughout their countries.

American Football in Poland

Poland is one of the most important European countries for American football. The Polish American Football League (PLFA), which was founded in 1993, has a number of teams that are based in Warsaw.

The PLFA is the most important league in Poland and consists of six divisions: Division 1, 2, 3, and 4 as well as an amateur division. Each year more than 250 games are played within this league – some of which take place on Saturdays while others take place on Sundays or during the week. Next to a great number of sports fans, there are also those who like to visit kasyna online or Polish online casinos to see if there are any betting options for wagering on PLFA. Therefore this league attracts both sports fans and bettors.

The season lasts from March until November every year with playoffs taking place towards the end of November or early December depending on which division you are playing in (if you made it through the first round playoffs then you would be playing again at this point).

American Football in Denmark

The sport of American football is becoming increasingly popular in Denmark, with more and more people choosing to watch the sport on TV or at a live event. Additionally, there are many betting fans who are interested in betting on this sport. There are numerous betting fans who like to explore Danish sites for betting hoping to find the best odds for their favourite sport. And for most of them, it’s American football.

It’s not just Denmark that has found itself fascinated by the game of American Football either. The UK and Ireland have also embraced this unique form of entertainment, with both countries having some great teams competing against each other in international tournaments too!

American Football in Germany

The German Football League (GFL) is the highest level of competition in Germany, with a total of 14 teams across two divisions. The league runs from late August to early December every year, with a break over Christmas and New Year’s Day. If you’re looking for an American football fix during this period, then you can watch the GFL on TV or live stream it online.

The governing body for American Football in Germany – as well as other sports like basketball and handball – is the German Football Association (DFB). They work closely with both national team players and youth academies at the regional level too. Their aim is to develop more talent so that there are more skilled players coming through into professional leagues like those at GFL level down the line.

American Football in the UK

In the UK, American Football is one of the most popular sports. The British American Football Association (BAFA) was founded in 1993 and has more than 3,000 active players and teams. In addition to this, there are several regional competitions as well as national leagues. The British American Football League (BAFL) was founded in 1999 with eleven teams from across England who were playing against each other for their respective regions during regular seasons. As BAFL grew in popularity, it expanded its territory by adding Scotland and Wales to its list of members in 2001.


The professional level of American football in Europe is on the rise. The NFL has been steadily expanding its international presence for more than 20 years now, and it shows no signs of stopping any time soon. With new teams and stadiums popping up all over the continent in recent years, it’s clear that this sport has a bright future ahead of it overseas!

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