American Football in the International Arena

American Football Outside of the US

It is hard to imagine the popularity of American Football outside of the US just as it is hard to imagine the success of Soccer in the US. Whilst the latter is increasing its overall figures and statistics, American Football is also progressing nicely in Europe and other continents.

Apart from the US and Canada, American Football is also popular in Mexico, Germany, Austria, UK, Brazil, France, Japan, Australia, South Africa and China. Around 80 countries globally have local federations dedicated to American Football but these are still some way from introducing professional players (apart from Mexico), although some US ex-players from the lower divisions do try their luck overseas.

Countries Seeing Progress in American Football

Germany boasts the highest number of members and teams in Europe, with 54,000 and 450 respectively. The level is comparative to Division 2 in the US and the most famous player to grace the German league was Brandon Connette, ex Duke and Fresno quarterback.

The UK has 12,000 members enrolled in the British American Football Federation but it does not allow paid ex-pros to join its ranks as it is 100% amateur. There is a five on five Women’s league called the Sapphire Series, which is also gaining momentum. Betting on American Football is now possible with a matchbook bonus code which is worth a shot.

Mexico is the only country, apart from the US and Canada to host a professional league. There are only 6 teams participating in the Liga Futbol Americano and the majority of the games are played in Mexico City.

Austria has 4,000 registered members in the federation. The most successful team in American Football history outside of the US is the Swarco Raiders and it is not a rare sight to see 10,000 fans jam the stadiums during league or European competitions.

Japan’s foray in American Football started in 1934 and there are presently 18 teams participating in the X-League. Major corporations within Japan sponsor teams, such as Panasonic, Fujitsu and IBM.

Brazil has only had a federation for 8 years but has managed to garner 105 teams and 8,500 members. The CBFA Superliga can amass as many as 15,000 fans to some games.

China is also a novice when it comes to American Football, having been on the scene for only 5 years. Around 5,000 members play in the Chinese Arena Football League, which is semi-professional.

France includes no less than 215 clubs and 22,000 members but the league is rated as moderately competitive, although some US Division 1 players have found their way here.

Australia incorporates 4,000 members in its Federation and some local players have managed to find their way into the NFL.

NFL Games Outside of the US

As they do with the NBA, the Americans love exporting their favourite sports to the Continent and beyond and the NFL is no exception. These tours are extremely popular and always sold out months before the event. Betting on these events and more is made possible through energy and the outcome is always uncertain until the end.

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