Countdown to American Football International’s All-Pandemic Team

Over the course of December, American Football International is proud to be presenting our picks for the AFI All Pandemic Team with players selected from all the teams who competed during this COVID-19 impacted season.

Since late July, AFI, on, has been showing football games from all the countries that have held seasons that have been delayed and shortened during this worldwide pandemic.

Leagues in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland and Japan have played more or less normal seasons with import players included, except for the fact that they were late and much shorter than normal.

AFI has covered nearly every game and now the six-man AFI panel has pored over hours and hours of game film to pick the top player in each position.

Throughout December, we will be revealing our picks for the AFI All Pandemic Team.

We’ll wind up by selecting the Administrator of the Year, Coach of the Year and finally Team of the Year.

The countdown starts with Sweden’s Niklas Johansson from the Carlstad Crusaders, selected as the top right tackle.

So make sure to follow as we continue our count down of list of the best players who competed during this crazy pandemic season.





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