American Football International Top-Ranking Teams

While American Football is not as popular as soccer, basketball, or cricket, it has gained a growing fanbase outside the US in recent years. Outside the US, the sport is managed by the International Federation of American Football, which organizes an international gridiron competition every four years. The federation governs the sport in 71 countries that have a national American Football team, although not all of them compete in the world championship.

Here are the top three international American football teams in the world.

  • United States of America

The US is widely considered the home of American football, with the NFL and the Super Bowl being among the most watched events. Since the launch of the NFL in 1920, the league has gone through tons of trials and tribulations, but its popularity has surpassed national borders. In fact, leading bookmakers like bet way offer dozens of betting markets on the NFL.

On the international stage, the US national American Football team competes in various competitions and has consistently ranked among the top teams in the world. The US also has a strong tradition for the game at collegiate and professional levels, which contributes to its success internationally.

In 2023, the USA hosted the IFAF American continental championship in Charlotte, North Carolina. The tournament hosted the best American football men’s and women’s teams from South and North America, with the US taking home two golds from the competition.

  • Canada

While the NFL is the most popular American football league for punters at Betway, the sport is also widely popular in other countries, including Canada. Canada is considered a powerhouse in international American football, with professional players competing locally in the Canadian Football League.

The success of the CFL translates on the team’s international performance and they often go head-to-head against the US in major events such as the IFAF World Championship. Unfortunately, there are no plans for the Canadians to field a men’s squad for Germany’s 2023 World Championships. However, football Canada recently announced they have started their performance pathway to field a junior team for the junior IFAF world championship in June 2024.

  • Mexico

Mexico is another country that’s rapidly growing in the American football landscape and it has made significant strides in international competitions in recent years. Their national team works under the supervision of the Mexican-American Football Federation and it has taken part in major competitions like the IFAF World Championship, the IFAF Junior Championships, and the Aztec Bowl.

Mexico made their debut on the international stage in 1999, where they finished second after crashing Finland 89-0. They also finished second in 2003, losing the IFAF championship title to Japan in both cases. However, the team failed to return to the tournament until 2011, and four years later, they won bronze in the 2015 IFAF championship.


The American Football landscape is gradually changing around the globe, as more countries embrace the sport and develop local leagues. There are also dozens of top-ranking American Football international teams, including Japan, Germany, Australia, Italy, South Korea, Denmark, Finland and others.

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