American Football Now ‘Educazione’ in Rome

A few weeks ago, the first university credited course for American Football was presented at IUSM (Università degli Studi di Roma “Foro italico”).

The course is reserved to bachelor’s degree students. With more than 60 enrolled students, it is the most popular among the university’s optional activities.

American Football in UniversityThe 19 lessons of the first class will be held twice a week and it will be scheduled every Tuesday and Thursday. The Tuesday class will consist of hands-on activities. On Thursday, the students will attend theoretical and technical lessons.

Accompanying the full professor, Antonio Tessitore, the governing Italian federation FIDAF (Federazione Italiana Di American Football), will provides aides. They are the FIDAF’s board member Manfredi Leone, coaches Carlo Minganti, Claudio Faccini, Enrico Moglioni and Marco Mazzanti, players Massimo Fierli and Diego Ianniello, members of FIDAF technical committee Simone Iori and Valerio Bozzarini, and referee Vincenzo Calandrelli.

To graduate as first-level coach and/or rookie-level referee, students must pass a final examination and complete 60-hour on-site internship with a FIDAF team.

Lessons will examine both theoretical and practical aspects of the game, as well as the rules and the referee’s work. One of the projects and goals of the course is to organize a flag football tournament among students enrolled.

For more information on this exciting new program, please contact Luca Pelosi (Press Office FIDAF)  +39-3398597185

John McKeon is a former professional and collegiate American Football player and coach now living and working in New York. His goal is to spread news, information, and opinion on the global growth of the sport he loves.