Arch Rivals Go Head To Head in Costa Rica

Bulldogs F.A. vs. Toros F.C. – Photo Credit / X-Cite Sports

The Federación de Fútbol Americano de Costa Rica (FEFACR), one of two leagues in the country, sanctioned the 2016 1st Division National Championship Calendar and kicked off its first week of play.

Week 1 game day of the 2016 calendar, Saturday, February 20th, was played at “Cuty” Monge Stadium in San José and was acknowledged by the historic blood churning rivalry that is expected of Costa Rica’s most recognized gridiron turf teams, Toros F.C., reigning 2015 National Champions and Bulldogs F.A., reigning runner-up of the west division.

Guts and Glory are always befitting words to describe these two highly competitive teams as the Toros F.C. hold three national championship titles and the Bulldogs F.A. hold four. Both teams are determined to win the Súper Tazón CR VIII on May 7th.

It’s Not Over Until It’s Over

It is an unspoken truth that players from both of these teams always leave their hearts on the field, be it victorious, or defeated. Their hearts beat to the rhythm of relentless blocks and breath gasping catches to the last play of the game as witnessed with the Bulldogs F.A. narrowly defeating the Toros F.C. 27 >26.

1st Quarter – Opened with a 40-yard rushing touchdown by Bulldogs F.A. prized RB Reinhard Weiss, but experienced a failed extra point. Toros F.C. QB Scott Doherty threw a 30-yard pass to WR Daniel Garita scoring the next touchdown of the game. They too had a failed extra point. Bulldogs F.A. 6 / Toros F.C. 6

QB Scott Doherty #7

Doherty is one of three players still with the Toros F.C. from the first 2009 championship team.

WR Daniel Garita #81

“This first game against the Bulldogs F.A. was exciting enough to show how much this sport has grown. This is my fifth season with the Toros F.C. and the only team I have ever played. I am a member of a group we call family and proud to be part of the American football history in Costa Rica.“

2nd Quarter – Bulldogs F.A. landed an 18-yard touchdown reception by CB/WR José Gutierrez Rojas from QB Justin McKenzie. Extra point kicked by Eloy Chacon. Bulldogs F.A. second touchdown reception of the quarter was secured by WR Stefano Incer Vincenzi for 8 yards once again from QB Justin McKenzie. Eloy Chacon clinched another extra point for the team. Bulldogs F.A. 20 > Toros F.C. 6

CB/WR José Gutierrez Rojas #4

“The Bulldogs F.A. vs. Toros F.C. games are the kind of games that nobody wants to miss! They are the most important games of the championship because of the history and the rivalry that is between the two teams. The sport here in Costa Rica has grown a lot in the past years.“

QB Justin McKenzie #2 – Supporting TD Passes

“I am a fourteen year veteran of the international football community and was excited to celebrate my 400th and 401st career total touchdowns during the game. The pass to Rojas was career touchdown #400 and to Incer was #401. Presently I have 299 touchdown passes, 101 rushing touchdowns and 1 touchdown catch in my international career.“

WR Stefano Incer Vincenzi #22

“My natural position has always been receiver but I have played as defensive back and running back as well. I felt very confident before and during the game, because of all the hard work that the team and the personnel staff has put into the preparation for us to get into the final, and God willing be champions again.“

3rd Quarter – Bulldogs F.A. RB Reinhard Weiss ran for a 48 yard touchdown with Eloy Chacon kicking his third point of the game. Bulldogs F.A. 27 – Toros F.C. 6

Reinhard Weiss RB

Reinhard Weiss RB #23. Stole the Spotlight With 14 Carries for 147 Yards. Photo Credit / X-Cite Sports

“We knew the game would be tough and although we were up by a lot in the 4th quarter I told our guys we had to respect the Toros F.C. players and by that I meant not let up on the gas peddle because they are the champs for a reason. As for the team, we put in a lot of hard work and we were prepared. Just need a few more games under our belt as a team to start clicking. I was overall just proud of the team because the Toros F.C. are a tough and very resilient team and we had to play together and there are a lot of new guys that showed up to play in their first big game. To get the WIN was huge for us.”

The Kicker In The Kick

Kicker Eloy Chacon, an original Bulldog, has been with the team for eight years and is recognized as the best kicker. With his precision skill, he has won games for the Bulldogs F.A. and the National Team of Costa Rica. Chacon just returned for this game after reconstructive knee surgery. He definitely demonstrated to his teammates that he has fully recovered and can now kick even further!

Toros F.C. Owned The 4th Quarter

The Bulldogs F.A. had a bad snap on a punt being kicked from their own end zone which turned into a safety to give  the Toros F.C. two more points. Points were racked up for the Toros F.C. with two rushing touchdowns, one for 8 yards by RB Israel Bañuelos and the next for 2 yards by QB Scott Doherty. Both extra points failed. QB Scott Doherty made a 3 yard pass to RB/WR Ivan Araya who planted the games final score as the point after touchdown failed. Final: Bulldogs F.A. 27 – Toros F.C. 26

RB Israel Bañuelas #20  

I have played two seasons as running back with the Toros F.C. I am Mexican but I live in Costa Rica since two years ago. I played football three seasons in Mexico when I was a youth. Before I started to play with the Toros F.C. I used to run 100 and 200mts in athletics on a high performance team. I love to run and I always train to perform my technique to run better and faster. I think that this background has enhanced me to develop my football position. Football has given me a lot, like happiness, health, discipline, commitment, teamwork, and friends! “

RB/WR Ivan Araya #26

“I learned about American football when I lived in the US but for the most part learned to play in Costa Rica. I have played six seasons all as running back and slot receiver. Toros F.C. has always been my team since they ‘drafted”‘ me. I like the team competitiveness and the way we respect and challenge each other. You don’t get that in every team.

Game Day Recap

The first game of the day was between the Cartago LEONES F.C. vs. the San Jose TITANS F.A. with the Leones F.C. topping the Titans F.A. 8 – 6.

A third game took place at a second venue located in Pérez Zeledón with the newest team to the sport, Codea FALCONS F.A. vs. Pérez Zeledón. The Predators F.A. shut out the Falcons F.A. 57 – 0.

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