Argentina: Córdoba Football League getting set to kick off with Rookie Camp

The preparations for the teams in Argentina’s Córdoba American Football League – CFA – for the 2017 season included the annual rookie camp which was a huge success.

Thirty-six players successfully completed the 2017 March rookie camp, including three CFA free agents. The March camp included five training days and one combined day (1 of the dates was suspended due to bad weather). The number of players who attended the camp per team grew by 40% compared to the 2016 March camp and by 100% over the October camp (statistics taken from Cóndores team).

(read more about the camp in Spanish)

The Coyotes are looking to  defend their 2016 championship, which was their fourth, but all the teams are getting prepared to battle for the championship. This sense of anticipation has been coming out of each team with the large number of rookies who attended the ACFA 2017 camp and the return of a huge group of veteran players to the rosters of the Dragones and Centauros. Huge excitement is awaited by the Córdoba league in  2017.

The draw of the league dates was held at the Distrikt Club in Córdoba April 8, when the new players were introduced. The league draft was held and the three free agents where allocated teams according to the picks delegated to each team.

All the scores and games from the ACFA league will be available at ScoreStream. Two preseason games will be held May 13 – Centauros – Condores; Coyotes – Dragones.

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Agustin has been a Minnesota Viking's football fan since 2014, and hails from Córdoba, Argentina. He writes about Córdoba's American football league, along with a of variety of news in Argentinian football. He is a defensive end on the Cóndores