Argentina’s Córdoba League Kicks Off With Intense Opener

The Córdoba League in Argentina kicked off with the Centaurs defeating the Cóndors in a very intense match that kept spectators on the edges of their seats until its end.

The Cóndors demonstrated that they had been practicing since October 2015 for this meeting. However, the Centaurs maintained their mystical aura of invincibility, earning the record of having most points in league history: 656 (3 points more than Coyotes, and 15 ahead of the Dragones).

Argentina - Cordoba league action 2016.3

The Centaurs took an early 13-0 lead on a touchdown by tight end Horacio Salto (82) and a fumble recovery by its defense. The Cóndors defense kept the game close to give its offense time to score. Finally in the fourth quarter wide receiver Javier Verde hauled in a touchdown pass to make it 13-7.

Cóndors running back Rodrigo Ponce (12) caught a touchdown pass with six minutes remaining to give the Condors a 14-13 lead.

Argentina - Cordoba league action 2016.2

But Centaurs wide receiver Po Ming dashed the Condors hopes scoring on a 70 yard touchdown pass handing the Centaurs a 19-14 victory, their first of 2016.


Agustin has been a Minnesota Viking's football fan since 2014, and hails from Córdoba, Argentina. He writes about Córdoba's American football league, along with a of variety of news in Argentinian football. He is a defensive end on the Cóndores