Around the Continent: More Upsets and Great Action in Europe!

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Germany - Braunschweig v Kiel

The GFL season got off to a great start as the Braunschweig New Yorker Lions faced a tough Kiel Baltic Hurricanes squad and finally came away with a 38-28 win, but not without some concern as Kiel proved to be tougher than expected with so many changes in the roster. 

In the only other game, the Stuttgart Scorpions, still smarting from their trouncing at the hands of the Swarco Raiders the week before, scored three second quarter touchdowns and then held on to beat the Munich Cowboys in Munich. Quarterback Tom Schneider threw three touchdown passes to three different receivers for the win.

Check out the best plays of Week 1.

 Great Britain

Great Britain - Lancashire v. East Kilbride


The Premiership North of the British American Football League  saw a major upset as the East Kilbride Pirates, fresh off last weekend’s win over the Irish champion the Belfast Trojans, were handed their first regular season defeat in a year losing to the Lancashire Wolverines 31-28 in Blackburn. The Yorkshire Rams were winners in their first game of the season downing the visiting Sheffield Predators 28-14.


The defending champion London Warriors had no mercy on the London Warriors thrashing them 51-0. The London Blitz were equally merciless in handing the Bristol Aztecs a 54-13 defeat.


Holland - Alphen Eagles v. Marburg5

No games were played although the Alphen Eagles saw action in European Football League play downing the Marburg Mercenaries 17-13.

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The Arnhem Falcons still lead Group A with a 6-0 record with the Eagles right behind at 4-1.  Although the Amsterdam Crusaders were shaken by their loss from two weeks ago, the perennial championship contenders still lead Group B at 5-1.


Hungary - Bratislava Monarchs

There was only one game played in Hungary. The league leading Bratislava Monarchs beat the visiting Nyiregyhaza Tigers 46-7.


Ireland - University College Dublin v. West Dublin Rhinos


No games were played in the North. The Belfast Trojans lead the North with a 2-0 record followed by the Carrickfergus Knights at 1-1.

Two weeks ago the North-leading Belfast Trojans traveled to Scotland to take on the East Kilbride Pirates, one of the top teams in the British American Football Association. They were defeated 24-14 by the Pirates who were British semi-finalists in 2014.


In the only game in the South, University College Dublin blanked the West Dublin Rhinos 13-0. The University of Limerick Vikings are undefeated and lead the conference at 4-0.

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