Around The Continent: Week 6 – Rivalries Edition

[tps_title]Around the Continent: Week 6 – Week of Rivalries[/tps_title]

Week 6 of the European edition of Around the Continent saw some terrific football action as arch rivals went head to head in many countries.

In Austria, the Swarco Raiders reasserted themselves, decisively defeating arch rivals the Vienna Vikings.

In Holland, the two rival teams in Group A  in that country, the Alphen Eagles and the Arnhem Falcons went head to head and Alphen came out on top this time by one point.

In Italy, the Milano Seamen and Parma Panthers faced off after the Panthers unceremonious dumping of the Seamen in the season’s opening game. This time Milano made no mistake.

Keep reading for more rivalries and upsets.

We intend to keep you abreast of all the news from around the European continent so make sure to check it out every week.

So far Germany, Spain, Portugal, France, Holland, Ireland, Belgium, Great Britain, Hungary, Italy, AustriaPoland, Romania, Serbia, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Norway, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, Slovenia, Turkey, the Ukraine and Denmark have kicked off their seasons. Slovakia gets underway this weekend.

We do everything we can to stay on top of developments in each country but cannot always keep up with it so this is where we need your help. Last week, we had a few more misses but again our readers helped us straighten things out. Please keep us informed of events when they happen in your country. And please send us game photos from your most recent games.

We have tried to do previews for each country but without input from the leagues, this becomes an almost impossible task at times. Please help us here by letting us know who to contact in your country. Don’t hesitate to let us know if we have missed something or made a mistake. If we don’t respond quickly, keep trying. We are a tiny staff and we will eventually get your information posted. Also, if you have a tournament or new league write to us at [email protected].

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Alpe Adria League

Alpe Adria - Maribor Generals

The Alpe Adria involves teams from Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia.

Alpe Adria logoThis past weekend the Maribor Generals (Slovenia) beat the Alp Devils also from Slovenia 13-6. The Generals lead the West division while the Serbian Pancevo Panthers top the East.


Austria - Swarco v. Vienna Rd 2 3

The Swarco Raiders took revenge on the Vienna Vikings for their opening round loss to the Vikings in beating them decisively 30-17.  This was the fifth straight win for the Raiders, including Big6 and Battle4Tirol play. The Prague Black Panthers  then won their second straight game in Austria edging the Danube Dragons 35-34 behind the arm of quarterback Kyle Newhall.

The Vikings remain atop the standings but the picture has changed.

Baltic Sea League

Baltic - action2

The Baltic Sea League involving teams from Latvia, Estonia and Belarus was idle this past weekend. Play resumes May 2 when the Riga Lions will host the Minsk Pagans.


Flemish conference (FAFL)

The Flemish conference was idle this past weekend. The Ghent Gators are undefeated at 5-0 and lead the conference followed by the Brussels Black Angels who are now 4-0.

French Conference (LFFAB)

The French conference resumed play as the Brussels Tigers defeated the Waterloo Warriors 23-14.  Then the Liege Monarchs edged the Louvain Fighting Turtles 6-0. The Tigers still top the French conference at 4-0-1 followed by Liege at 3-1-1.

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