Asians in the NFL

According to data collected on the racial makeup of Asian players in the NFL, Asians only make a partly 1.9%. This is in comparison with African-Americans who make up 69.7%, followed by Whites with 27.4%. It has been argued that one of the reasons why Asian Americans do not take up professional sports is because they emphasize more on education. Another reason why American Asians do not take up professional sports is because of negative stereotypes about their levels of athleticism. However, there are notable Asian Americans that have made their mark in the game.

Will Demps

Will Demps has played for great teams such as Baltimore Ravens, Houston Texans, and New York Giants. The American football safety is the older brother of Marcus Demps, also an NFL safety. While he was undrafted in the 2002 draft, the Baltimore Ravens signed him in 2002, and he played for them from 2002-2005. He signed for New York Giants offseason in 2006 and started all 16 games. He signed for Houston Texans in 2007 playing 15 games before he was released in 2009.

Hines Ward

Ward was born in South Korea and attended the University of Georgia, where he also played college football. He would go on to play Pittsburgh Steelers, becoming one of best wide receivers they have ever produced. In the lead up to the 2019 NFL, prospect Taylor Rapp challenged the unfair misconception many have towards players of Asian descent. However, he received a lot of encouragement, with Ward telling him how he had heard it before that Asians cannot play football. However, he learnt to turn that negativity and use it to fuel his ambition. As it turns out, Rapp took Ward’s wise words on Asia Americans to heart as he continues to enjoy a stellar career. Ward has also taken coaching and worked with his former team as an offensive intern in 2017, before beginning his coaching career as an offensive assistant with New York Jets.

Tedy Bruschi

Tedy Bruschi’s mother is of Filipino ancestry. The line-backer graced the NFL for 13 seasons, winning the Super Bowl 3 times with the New England Patriots. He was selected 2 times in the All-Pro category. He was drafted in 1996 in the third round and retired in 2009. While he played as a defensive end while at the University of Arizona, he was converted into a linebacker when he joined the patriots. While not many players like to change positions, Bruschi did not gripe about it, and his reward was a 13-year career that made him one of the greatest linebackers to have played for the Patriots.

Min Long Lee

Lee was the first Korean player to play in the NFL. The kicker was drafted by the Arizona Cardinals in the 2nd round in the 1986 NFL Draft. He was a monumental draft selection since it is rare for kickers to drafted that high.

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