Assessing Next Season’s Big NFL Predictions

The inter-season period is a time of extensive predictions, betting and gossiping, in which pretty much any eventuality comes up. There’s a good reason for that, of course; as ESPN highlights, the NFL remains one of the most competitive top leagues in any sport, with almost every team in with a shot of causing upsets and making their way to the Superbowl – don’t let Patriot and Steelers domination trick you. That being said, it’s always good to look at some of the top predictions and assess just how much logic there is in those big calls – starting with predictions from the NFL analysts themselves.

The top teams

One of the most bold predictions to come out from the NFL is the assertion that the Chargers will field a top-3 defense and offense. Conventional betting might make you look twice at that prediction; some of the odds being offered by the top betting sites place Chargers players quite low in the rankings. For instance, you’ll only get +3500 for Chargers outside linebacker Joey Bosa to win defensive player of the year, compared to +700 for the evergreen TJ Watt. However, the odds don’t tell you everything – and the Chargers look like the type of team to put in a serious greater-than-the-numbers performance next season. According to the NFL, they have aggressively improved in almost all positions, ruthlessly addressing problem areas, and are likely to be a great team to watch next season.

Rams set to flop thinks that the Rams are one of the best picks to perform in the NFC West next year. With Aaron Donald, Cooper Kupp, Matthew Stafford, Jalen Ramsey and the rest, they have a truly top billing side that should be able to contend with the best. The Superbowl final was hotly, tightly contested, and the Rams just about squeezed through. Say it quietly, but it might be the spotlight that actually hurts this team when it comes to performing – sometimes, a star-studded recruitment policy neglects the main thing – building a team. While they finally managed to scale the heights last season, analysts aren’t giving them huge backing next season, and predict they’ll return to being nearly-men. Most betting sites have them fourth-favorite to win the Superbowl, at 23/2, and those odds are probably about right.

Ending Packers dominance

Green Bay Packers are where the buck stops up in the NFC North league. Several teams have challenged them, but few have the quality and long-term staying power that the Packers do. This is about to change, according to The Analyst, with the rise of the Vikings. The Vikes have shown flashes of brilliance, and with players like Danielle Hunter chalked to return to the side, they have a lot of quality to bring into a nearly-there side. It’s going to take a lot to overhaul the Packers, but this may just be the year it’s seen.

All in, it’s going to be an exciting one. The most competitive league in the world has some new contenders to press its champions if they have grown lazy – and the big event in February is going to be one to relish.

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