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Portugal - Lisboa Navigators2


The Lisboa Navigators have been unstoppable in the Portuguese league’s South conference racking up 347 points in seven games with an undefeated 7-0 record. The only team to have challenged them was the Lisbon Crusaders who they beat 18-15 in January. The Crusaders are in second with a 4-2 record.


The Porto Mutts have been almost as dominant in the North conference reeling off six straight victories without a defeat. They have averaged 32.5 points per game while allowing only 4.5 per game. The Maximinos Warriors sit in second with a 4-2 record, their two defeats suffered at the hands of the Mutts.


Bucharest Rebels @ Cluj Crusaders (CNFA 2013)

So far only one game has been played in the two conference league. The Timisoara 89ers  beat the Resita Locomotives 49-0 in the North/West conference.


The Russian league does not start until May.


The Serbian league kicks off this weekend. Look for a league preview.

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