26 Nations Battle Around the Continent: France, Spain Post-seasons Set; Germany in Full Swing

[tps_title]Around the Continent: Week 10[/tps_title]

Week 10 of the European edition of Around the Continent  saw upsets and lopsided scores from all over the continent.

There were plenty of games to watch live. The Orebro Black Knights in Sweden posted their first victory under new head coach Randy Beverly and the game was live streamed with a scoreboard. The clash between two of Italy’s top teams, the Ancona Dolphins and the Lazio Marines was shown live as well.

The playoff spots have been decided in Spain and in France. Read about it below in their sections. Meanwhile, the Portuguese championship pairing has been decided. The Turkish league championship game is coming up this weekend.  The Romanian semifinals are also set for this weekend. The Belgian playoff picture has already been determined with one weekend of play remaining.

We are always looking for photos and highlight videos so if you have any please do not hesitate to send them along so we can feature them here. We spend hours looking for and finding photos from the previous weekend’s action.  We try to make sure every photo is new from that weekend. We also strive to include any extra stats and info so please let us know. If a player you know has had an outstanding game, for instance, send us a message about it.

We would again like to point out the great job that Amerikansk Fotball does in Norway as well as National Ligaen in Denmark. We rely on both sites as well as Gridiron in the Netherlands. We also want to thank Double Coverage in the UK for their excellent coverage. Lastly, we must acknowledge the fine work done by Football-Aktuell in Germany.

Otherwise, there is plenty of news from around the European continent.  so make sure to check it out every week. Another shout out goes to Filippo Rostoni who is invaluable at gathering facts and keeping us on our toes. Also a special thank you to Tiberiu Anghelina from Romania for making sure we have our facts straight about American football in his country. Andre Amorim helps us out with news from Portugal. We thank him as well. Alexander Malyshev is great in getting us info from the Eastern League of American Football.

Make sure to read Henrique Riffel’s articles. He keeps us abreast of all developments in Brazil and also Portugal. Luther Rommens has been contributing with game stories from Belgium. Our correspondent in Russia – Ilya Kravtsov – does an outstanding job of covering everything about American football in his country.  If we have left someone out please remind us. And any and all contributions are welcome.

Germany, Spain, Portugal, France, Holland, Ireland, Belgium, Great Britain, Hungary, Italy, AustriaPoland, Romania, Serbia, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Norway, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, Slovenia, Slovakia, Turkey, the Ukraine, Russia and Denmark are all playing whether regular season or playoffs. However, the Finnish season does not start until June and the Croatian season gets underway in the fall.

We do everything we can to stay on top of developments in each country but cannot always keep up with it so this is where we need your help. Please keep us informed of events when they happen in your country. And please send us game photos from your most recent games.

Don’t hesitate to let us know if we have missed something or made a mistake. If we don’t respond quickly, keep trying. We are a tiny staff and we will eventually get your information posted. Also, if you have a tournament or new league write to us at [email protected].

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Alpe Adria League



The Alpe Adria seven team league involving teams from Slovenia (Maribor Generals, Alp Devils) Croatia (Zagreb Patriots) Bosnia and Herzegovina (Sarajevo Spartans) and Serbia (Pancevo Panthers, Belgrade Blue Dragons) saw two games played this past weekend.

Alpe Adria logoThe  Zagreb Patriots hosted the winless Sarajevo Spartans but dismantled them 29-6. Then the visiting Maribor Generals beat the Alp Devils 23-13. 

The Patriots remain in first in the West division while the Serbian Pancevo Panthers still lead the East at 2-0.

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Roger Kelly is an editor and a writer for AFI. A former PR Director the B.C. Lions of the Canadian Football League for 7 years, he now lives in Sweden writing about and scouting American Football throughout the world.