Australia: Gridiron Victoria features three games this weekend

Another hot weekend predicted in Melbourne with two games on Saturday and the one on Sunday.

Temperatures on Sunday are predicted to be in the mid 30s once again.

The Western Crusaders look to dispose of another team as they easily accounted for the 2nd placed Geelong Buccaneers last weekend, 42-0. Do the Warriors have what it takes to cause the upset of the season? I highly doubt it, but we’ve got to have some hope that someone will…….eventually.

The Croydon Rangers led by QB Jared Stegman, face up against a disappointing Geelong Buccaneers outfit on Saturday, Feb. 12 at 4 pm local time (06:00 am CET, 12 midnight ET). Although sitting 2nd, they did not show that they were anywhere near the class of the Crusaders last week. The Rangers beat the Predators last week easily as well, on their way to a 38-8 win. Geelong’s running attack will be the key to beating the Rangers. The Rangers need to play better against the run game if they want to come away with a victory.

Lastly, on Sunday, Feb. 13 at 4 pm local time (06:00 am CET, 12 midnight ET) we have the Melbourne University Royals taking on the South Eastern Predators.

Without QB Brad Ferguson, who is out for the rest of the season with a broken collarbone, the Predators are not the same dangerous side on offense.  The defense doesn’t seem big enough on the line to stop runs up the middle. DT Lachlan Haynes is solid but can’t do it all on his own.

The Royals, after a disastrous start to the season, where they forfeited the first 2 games, are starting to show progress. They have won their past two battles with outstanding defensive efforts, keeping their opponents under double figures. Their offense is questionable at the moment. There isn’t really anyone else to compliment WR Jacob Kerin. The run game is mainly dominated by their new QB.

Score Predictions

Croydon Rangers 28 V Geelong Buccaneers 22

Warriors Gridiron 6 V Western Crusaders 48

Melbourne Uni Royals 18 V South Eastern Predators 8

This week’s game on GVision will be the Royals and Predators Sunday, Feb. 13. Click here to access.

Livestreams will be seen on the Gridiron Victoria Facebook page from DR Atkinson Reserve on Saturday.



Scott Ditcham is from Melbourne, Australia and played 4 seasons at Gridiron Victoria (Valley Pirates, Templestowe Thunder and Melton Wolves) He is the head of Onside Kick Productions and a writer for Gridiron Downunder.