Australia’s National Gridiron League Takes Another Step To Its October Launch

According to the National Gridiron League of Australia, the league will be playing four games in the 52,500 seat Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane, Australia in 2016.

This marks a major step forward for the NGL quashing much of the skepticism that the league would launch this year.

The Australian website AussiFaithful has also reported on the stadium deal.

The NGL will play a 14 week regular season and each game day will be a double header. This will culminate in a two-week playoff. The regular season kicks off October 9. A total of eight teams will play in the inaugural season:

North Coast Heat, Brisbane Outlaws, Logan City Wolverines, Gold Coast Kings, New Castle Miners, Central Coast Cyclones, Sydney Express and the Wollongong Devils.

Kirk Mastromatteo, NGL Director, Football Operations:

“Suncorp Stadium is a great venue. We are happy to be able to work with the great people at Suncorp Stadium and Stadiums Queensland, to be able to give the viewing public an opportunity to share our game day experience at such a storied facility. This will be one of many venue’s that the National Gridiron League will use for our inaugural season.”

As Aussie Faithful has stated, Suncorp Stadium, which is host to many of the major field sporting events in Australia, will most likely see all four Queensland teams cycle through the stadium this season and provide an arena of a quality that will match the expected professionalism of the league.

Although the NGL may not fill the stadium in its first year, it will provide broadcasters, players and spectators with a world class facility.

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