Austrian Football League: 2014 Season In Review

[tps_title]PRAGUE BLACK PANTHERS[/tps_title]

Even with a 3-5 AFL record,the  Prague Black Panthers were the biggest surprise of the season. Thanks to the best offense in AFL and league MVP quarterback Kyle Newhall-Caballero  (3162 yards 31 TDs), they were the most exciting team to watch and really competitive for the first time since joining the AFL in 2010. They lost four games by a combined 11 points and actually beat the Raiders on the last week of the regular season. We will see if they can build on that next year.

Prague Black Panthers

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Vincent Lelard is a Frenchman and former Head Coach of La Courneuve Flash (France) and Offensive Coordinator of the Vienna Vikings (Austria). He has been involved in American Football in Europe for almost 25 years. Today he lives in Vienna and