New/old passing leader in Austrian Football League individual stats

Zach Cavanaugh of the Ljubljana Silverhawks has returned to the lead in the passing yardage category in the Austrian Football League. His 399 yard performance against the Dacia Vienna Vikings put him back in front.

Nevertheless, players from the SonicWall Mödling Rangers lead three of the four main stats categories. With two games left in the season, the Rangers top the rushing, receiving and tackling categories with QB Dylan Potts still leading the rushing and now 2nd in passing.

Rangers wideout Roman Namdar still tops all receivers  while teammate LB Barron Miller continues to lead the league in tackles.

The SonicWall Mödling Rangers have four players among the Top 5 in the four categories as do the Traun Steelsharks. The Projekt Spielberg Graz Giants and Ljubljana Silverhawks have three each. Then comes the Swarco Raiders and Bratislava Monarchs with two apiece. The Dacia Vienna Vikings and Danube Dragons have one each.



Zach Cavanaughof the Ljubljana Silverhawks threw for 399 yards in a big win over the Dacia Vienna Vikings giving him 2,464 and 26 TDs. Mödling Rangers QB Dylan Potts was bumped down to 2nd after 8 games and now has 2,135 yards and 17 TDs. Swarco Raiders QB Sean Shelton is 3rd with 2,006 and a league-leading 27 TDs. John Uribe of the Traun Steelsharks has 1,865 yards and is holding on to 4th.  Danube Dragons QB Chad Jeffries threw for 278 yards in his team’s 38-12 win over the Bratislava Monarchs and remains 5th with 1,853 yards.


SonicWall Mödling Rangers  WR Roman Namdar retains the top spot in receiving yardage again this week in the Austrian Football League with 936 yards. Matic Tomse of the Ljubljana Silverhawks is still 2nd with his 893 yards and league-best 13 TD receptions after catching 6 passes for 154 yards in the win against the Vikings.  Mario Winter from the Traun Steelsharks holds on to 3rd spot with 665 yards while Silverhawks WR Eugen Sumic remains in 4th with 634 yards. Ľuboš Paprcka of the Bratislava Monarchs has moved up into 5th with 600 yards receiving.


Quarterback Dylan Potts of the Mödling Rangers continues to top the rushing yardage list with 990 yards and a league-best 14 TDs. Matthias Kiegerl of the Projekt Spielberg Graz Giants is now 2nd  after a 133 yard and 4 TD effort in his team’s win over the Steelsharks. He now has 691 yards and 10 TDs. ,Although he is still injured and on the sideline,  Garrett Safron, quarterback of the Dacia Vienna Vikings remains on the list, in 3rd with 559 yards. Traun Steelsharks RB, Felix Stadler is 4th with 547 yards. Sandro Platzgummer holds onto 5th with 532 yards.


Mödling Rangers LB Barron Miller still leads all tacklers in the Austrian Football League and now has 61.5 tackles. Graz Giants LB Thomas Schnurrer continues to climb and is now 2nd with 47 tackles. Ljubljana Silverhawks LB Patrick Kenney has slid down to 3rd with his 41 tackles while Cameron Smith of the Bratislava Monarchs has moved up into 4th with 39 tackles after his 7.5 tackle performance last week against the Dragons. Florian Probst of the Giants also has 39 tackles for the year and remains in 5th.

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