Austria’s Swarco Raiders re-sign Germany’s top receiver/returner Patrick Donahue

The Swarco Raiders, one of Austria’s, and Europe’s, most successful clubs over the past decade, have re-signed one of the premiere offensive players in Europe, wide receiver and kick returner Patrick Donahue.

The 5’11”,  195 lb return specialist from Los Angeles, led the German Football League in scoring  in 2016 and was tied for second in 2015, before signing with the Swarco Raiders in 2017. But he suffered a leg injury which halted his season before it started and so he spent the rest of 2017 helping coach the Raiders.

Known as Germany’s most feared returner, Donahue helped the Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns to the German Bowl final both seasons he played there. In 2015, his first year after leading the GFL2 in scoring with the Lubeck Cougars in 2014, Donahue amassed 158 points. In 2016, he upped his points total to 180 on 30 receiving and return touchdowns.

His exploits did not go unnoticed as the Green Bay Packers invited him to mini camp in the spring of 2016. As a teammate of Minnesota Vikings draftee, Mortiz Bohringer, Donahue attracted a great deal of attention. as he was the leading receiver on the Unicorns, ahead of Bohringer.

Donahue attended Southern Oregon University (NAIA) after transferring to SOU from Glendale Community College prior to the 2011 season. In two years at SOU he recorded 2,100 receiving yards, and in 2012 he made 102 catches (an SOU single-season record at the time) while leading the Raiders to the national quarterfinals.

American Football International asked Patrick about getting back on the field and playing in Europe.

AFI: You have re-signed with the Swarco Raider in Austria after suffering a season-ending injury last year before the season started. What prompted you to decide to play again and with Swarco?

Donahue: Honestly, I didn’t work hard to come back to break records. I worked hard to come back because this organization gave me an opportunity, Was depending on me to come do my job, and supported me when I got hurt. When I got hurt I felt like I let both the team and the organization down. And in 2018 I’m looking forward to showing them I am dependable and I am ” That Guy “.

AFI: You led the league in Germany in return yardage and touchdowns. Do you feel you can do the same in Austria?

Donahue: It was amazing to have such success in the GFL and I will always have high expectations of myself but my goals are simple. The goal is to do my job and help the team win any way I can so we can be 1-0 at the end of every week. That is why I chose to play with the number 10 this year. I plan to focus on the moment and not on stats.

AFI:  You spent the 2017 coaching and not playing. Do you think that will help you on the field?

Donahue: Coaching in 2017 was a complete different experience. I have always had respect for coaches but to see the hours these coaches here at Swarco Raiders Tirol put in , man there are no words. They are true professionals. Coach Shuan, Coach Lee , Sean , and Kyle. These Guys are the Real work horses in the office. With that being said, I feel that anytime you are on a team or with a team for consecutive years things come easier. Let’s just say I’m glad I don’t have to learn all the hand signals again.

AFI: You have played and coached in Europe since 2014. Where is home to you now?

Donahue: Home is where the heart is, and I’m torn in two. I’ve got family in The US that I love very much and would do anything for but now I have a Family of my own and they need me here. I think about my mother Diane all the time and I wish I could be there for her, but I’m glad my brother Derrill is there taking care of her for us both. Shout out to my mother,
Love you Mom with all my heart!

AFI: Any foods you have grown fond of?

Donahue: I really like , Knödel which is a type of boiled dumpling. They are amazing ! I’d eat them every day if I could.

AFI: What are your expectations?

Donahue: At the end of the Day I expect to do my job day in and day out. That’s all I can do. Great things happen when everyone does their job. All in all, I am just looking forward to finally hitting the field as a Raider because from the first day I felt welcome. It is a complete honor to play here for these coaches, with these players , in this city, and for these fans.

AFI: What do you feel you bring to the Raiders?

Donahue: I know I bring a ” Steve Smith SR. ” attitude in every my aspect of the game that can be the difference between a 10 yard gain and a 60 yard touchdown. Along with that I also bring experience to help these young receivers we have in Swarco. Bottom line I’m returning from a injury that cut my 2017 season short, and that makes me a dangerous man on the field in 2018.

AFI: Are you excited playing for the Raiders this Season?

Donahue: Excited is an understatement! I am just looking forward to finally hitting the Field as a Raider because from the first day I felt welcome. It is a complete honor to play here for these coaches, with these players , in this city, and for these fans.



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